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Originally Posted by angelomanalo View Post
I made a club called the Owl City Fan Club, and I'm wondering if it will show in the forums.
Just wait for it, Andy still might be sleeping or w/e! Oooh Owl City! I might join that one! :33

Originally Posted by heretostay123 View Post
Just wondering, would anybody be interested in an abridging fan club? I'm up to date with Dragon Ball Z (TeamFourStar) and Yugioh (LittleKuriboh) and Yugioh GX abridged (DarkSideIncorporated), and I'm up to date on a few pokemon series. I also have Littlekuriboh's Naruto abridged, so I'm well versed. If anybody is interested, VM me.
Well we had a Yugioh abridged fanclub but it unfortunately died :( I'm pretty sure that idea is not so bad as long as it sticks to one fandom tho :(

So guys, I have a question to you all!

How do you keep your clubs active?

What i do is that I just post new topics whenever the club is dying and I believe its ineffectual :(

speaking off, making a new topic at Filipino Club xP