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    Originally Posted by SereneAmbience View Post
    After some deep consideration of fans messaging me, I decided to introduce some new types. However I haven't yet figured out the weakness and advantage chart for these new types. So bear with me....
    • Air
    • Cosmic
    • Magic
    • Cyber
    • Light
    • Sound
    And of course the new Fairy-type! The main reasoning behind adding all these types, which many are popular among fandoms, is that Pokémon are unique creatures with amazing abilities, but some of their types don't detail their potential as a monster. For example, Gyarados: he is consider a Flying-type but has no moves of that type and found moving through the air constantly. Therefore I split the Flying-type group into those who can actually fly (Flying-type) and those who manipulate air (Air-type). I also believed that many Pokémon come from outer space and have similar abilities to those on Earth which isn't typically alien nature.. thus the Cosmic-type. The Psychic types are creatures that use magical powers, telepathy abilities, levitation, matter bending strengths, and among other things. I had to split this broad type into categories so I decided a Magic-type and Light-type would suffice. I really just loved the idea of Porygon, Porygon2, and Porygon-Z having their own Cyber-type, making them rares! And lastly the Sound-type, which defines a few Pokémon and many moves. Nintendo should have implemented the Sound-type in Generation 3 with Whismer's evolutionary line a while back.

    More information found HERE [link].
    Ok, here are my suggestions for type matchups.
    Super Effective against: Fire, Grass, Electric, Steel, Flying
    Weaknesses: Poison, Rock, Steel, Water, Cosmic

    Super Effective against: Fire, Air, Water, Grass, Flying, Normal
    Weaknesses: Steel, Rock, Ground, Ice

    Super Effective against: Psychic, Fighting, Dark, Magic
    Weaknesses: Dragon, Magic

    Super Effective against: Fighting, Normal, Fire
    Weaknesses: Water, Dragon

    Super Effective against: Sound, Dragon, Electric
    Weakness: Dark, Steel

    Super Effective: Normal, Fighting, Rock, Ice
    Weaknesses: Dragon, Light, Water

    If I have any spare time, I might make a list of EVERY GOD DAMN POKEMON with the new types implemented wherever necessary.