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    The Hidden Mythology: A Sinnoh Tale
    A Pokemon Journey Roleplay || Rated [T]
    No spot Available
    IC Thread Here

    Three Pokémon there were.
    Into the lakes they dove.
    Deep, deep, drawing no breath.
    Deeper, deeper they dove.

    Five years had passed since the Team Galactic Incident wherein Cyrus failed to gain control of the lords of time and space. With the help of an unknown hero, their plans were quickly foiled, imminent war between the Pokemon and human avoided. For five years, the region has thrived again under the leadership of the Pokemon Champion Cynthia. Relations between other regions were improved, ambassadors being sent from each of them to represent their homeland. The number of trainers reached its peak and the community was growing. Sinnoh was once again the leading region in the world in terms of culture and economy, a feat admired by the other regions. Sinnoh is once again the ideal region, an image Cynthia and her Elite Four strived hard to achieve once again.

    Little did they know, another prophecy is beginning to take place. The prophecy, chronicled by the great psychic Nostradamus a hundred years past, talks about the awakening of the slumbering spirits. It is heralded by a disturbance in the "very basic component of the fabric of the space-time" and signalled by "an explosion so great it will tear the world apart." The prophecy, hidden among the thousand ruins dotting the region sits undisturbed, waiting for the right moment for it to wake up.

    Long ago, when Sinnoh had just been made,
    Pokémon and humans led separate lives.
    That is not to say they did not help each other.
    No, indeed they did.


    Image is not mine.

    This roleplay is set in the Sinnoh region, five years after Cyrus' plan to dominate the world. Very little varied from the setting of DPPt, except the promotion of several gym leaders, retirement of several prominent people, and the rise of new faces.

    Geographically speaking, for those not familiar with the Sinnoh geography, the region is divided by Mt. Coronet into two parts: Western and Eastern Sinnoh, although several scholars consider Upper Sinnoh, comprising of Snowpoint and the Battle Area, another part of Sinnoh. But, simplicity for simplicity's sake, we stick with the Western and Eastern divisions, with Snowpoint lying smack in the middle of the division line. Western Sinnoh is the less populated part. Most of the part of this region is composed of forests, rivers, the opening to the great Ocean. The Eastern part has the more percentage of population as most of the densely-populated cities, like Hearthome and Sunyshore is here. Mt. Coronet is the highest mountain in the region and is still debated over if it is the highest mountain in the world. One thing is for sure, the mountain is so big it has three different weather conditions going all over it: snow, tropical, and rain.

    Also, for a variety of reason, the inclusion of Pokemon from other region is allowable in here. Due to trade with the other regions, several trainers also come in all the time, introducing new species into the wild. Breeding and natural selection patterns caused Sinnoh's ecological diversity to bloom, bring the number of Pokemon species in the region to be more than 300.

    The Trainer:
    There once were Pokémon that
    became very close to humans.
    There once were humans and Pokémon
    that ate together at the same table.
    It was a time when there existed no
    differences to distinguish the two.

    You are one of the hundred trainers that are starting their Pokemon journey. The local professor in Twinleaf Town, Professor Fir, asks for local starting local trainers' help for his research: Pokemon mythology. He will have you choose a starter Pokemon (a tough choice among seven options) and send you out in the Sinnoh region. Your goal: to write a complete and exhaustive paper regarding the mythology of Sinnoh. Throughout your journey, you will be able to unlock several information that may help you in your quest.

    Well, it's just one thing you can do. You can totally disregard Fir's request and use the opportunity to gain the gym badges (it will be a hard road) or follow whatever dream you have upon yourself. It's just a request after all; you're still free to be whatever you wanted to be. Be a breeder, a collector, or whatever. The choice is up to you.

    However, no matter what you choose to be, the prophecy will still wake, plunging you into paths you never imagined to take. Once the prophecy is set forth into motion, you will be helpless to counter the winds it brings with it. [This means that, we may not seem to follow a storyline at first but there will come a part when the prophecy is everything the roleplay is revolving around.]

    I will not be making a character of my own, although I will be controlling several NPC's you meet along the way. I will also oversee all happenings and try to regulate it as much as possible. Remember, this is a sandbox-style RP with a few chapters that I will throw in occasionally for you to advance into the storyline.

    The Pokemon:

    There are seven starters available, although I may open up three more if this seems popular. Note: Moving means "Taken" or "Reserved." Hover for more info.

    The Rules:
    Betray not your anger, lest ??? will come.
    Weep not with sorrow, or ??? will draw near.
    When joy and enjoyment come natural as the very air, that is happiness.
    Let such be blessed by the hand of Master ???
    -Those words were spoken often as customary.-

    1. Follow all existing PC and Roleplay Corner Rules
    2. No godmodding!
    3. Let us know if you will be inactive. Being inactive means you give other players permission to bunny you. AWOL means you're absent for two weeks without prior notice and we're free to kick you out of the RP.
    4. This is a Rated [T] Roleplay. Let's keep it that way.
    5. Please post at least once a week. This is not a heavy RP but I must require at least one post per week from you guys.
    6. Captures are decided by the GM. Leave the ball rocking at the end of the post. A capture depends on the quality of the post.
    7. Interaction among players are welcome, although it is highly advised to keep battle posts between players in a joint post. Work battles out through this thread or, better yet, through VMs or PMs.
    8. Evolution is left to the discretion of the GM. I will let you know if a Pokemon has a good enough reason to evolve.
    9. Levels and moves are left to the discretion of the GM. All moves could be acquired in the game through TMs.
    10. Chapters only serve as a guide posts although I also strongly advise to follow the story so far. No sense if you never leave Twinleaf Town.
    11. Six Pokemon can be carried at a time. Boxes and Daycares exists for extra luggage.
    12. Reservations last for 24-48 hours. After that, the Pokemon is up for grabs again.
    13. Requests may be voiced out. Go ask me things.

    Sign-Up Sheet:
    A young man, callow and foolish in
    innocence, came to own a sword.
    With it, he smote Pokémon, which gave
    sustenance, with carefree abandon.

    I am pretty picky with the SUs, sorry. I only accept high-quality SUs.
    Name: Self- Explanatory Really
    Age: 13-18
    Gender: M or F
    Appearance: A picture is good enough, or at least 2 paragraphs worth of description.
    Personality: 2 paragraphs worth.
    History: What are you before becoming a trainer? Where do you live? Where are you five years ago? What are your dreams? Don't leave anything. No line requirement.
    Reserved Starter: Choose from the seven above.

    Accepted Characters
    In the beginning, there was only
    a churning turmoil of chaos.
    At the heart of chaos, where all
    things became one, appeared an Egg.

    Skymin as Sam "Birdie" O'Brien

    romdinner as Catherine "Kat" Primrose

    Pokemagician as Jason Stafford

    Jegretis as Alex Ganston

    Strikit as Rexa Viene

    PJBottomz as Karly Rose

    ~Genevieve~ as Ariadne Davis

    Kanea as Anthony Ramsay

    Quicksand as Sadie Hunt


    I am a Roleplayer

    ...and I am PROUD of it.
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