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    Originally Posted by angelomanalo View Post
    Username: angelomanalo
    Partner Pokemon: Combee
    Answer Current Topic: Crustle or Escavalier. They have a unique color palette and have lots of colors.
    Favorite Bug-Type Move: Steamroller. Oh, roadkill!
    Why do you like/love Bug Pokemon: Ironically, I hate bugs in real life, but about 50% of my Top 10 favorites are Bug Pokemon.
    Welcome to the club. Combee is good, cute and female ones evolve into Vespiquen. Just hoping that male Combee get an evolution soon. I like Crustle's color palette the most, very reminiscent of the Earth's layers. Steamroller was awesome in the anime, cut through everything in its way. I dislike bugs in real life too, but adore them in Pokémon. I don't remember using Bug-types much except for Butterfree and trying to get Scyther to evolve into Scizor.

    Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
    Preferred username: TwilightBlade / Blade
    Partner Pokémon: Volcarona
    Favorite Bug-type move: Silver Wind has a pretty attack animation while X-Scissor and U-turn have high competitive usage.

    Why do you like/love Bug-type Pokémon?
    Although I don't like bugs in real life, I find bug Pokemon to have some of the coolest designs. I love plenty of bug Pokemon, from classics like Beedrill/Venomoth to rock stars like Scizor/Yanmega/Heracross to quirks like Masqueran/Kricketune. Unova brings home the motherload of awesome bugs: Scolipede, Leavanny, Escavalier, Galvantula, and Volcarona. I love em all!

    Which Bug-type has the best design?
    Maybe I'm being biased here, but I'll have to say Volcarona. I couldn't imagine a bug type being part fire, and here it is in all its glory. I love that it not only has reds and oranges, but also some white fluff and a light blue body. The color scheme makes it interesting.
    Welcome to the club. Volcarona is an awesome choice. Very colorful and uniquely typed (Bug/Fire). I love the first generation bugs, can't go wrong with a Beedrill or Venomoth. I wanted Scizor and Heracross so bad in the second generation, loved their attacks and designs. Scolipede is probably my favorite Unova region Bug-type, despite that I dislike centipedes in real life, has alot of devastating Poison moves and power. Someone definitely took the time to make Volcarona as awesome as it is and how it looks. I love the colors on its wings and the design of its head.