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    Update #10 for my HeartGold grass monotype run, finally! Tomorrow would be four months since my last update here. Four months of on-and-off grinding for Red. I didn't remember what his levels were, so I decided on getting everyone to 80 before challenging him. Lots of hours spent (I clocked 100 hours, 30 minutes ), thanks to low-level wilds and too-high-level Elite Four. But it's finally over; I've completed the Johto leg of my ultimate monotype. :D
    -Did looooooooots of grinding outside Mt. Silver, near the Pokémon Center (and in the first room of Mt. Silver for Anise, my Jumpluff). It seemed more efficient than the slightly-higher levels deeper in Mt. Silver.
    -I also found and defeated Entei.
    -The battle with Red was kinda strange, I think. It started off with Anise against his Pikachu. Leech Seed and Sleep Powder, while his Volt Tackle missed. I switched out to Cilantro (sunflora), who used Sunny Day to dispel the hail in the area. Then I brought Anise out again. When Pikachu awoke, it missed with Iron Tail, only to be put to sleep again. After a Full Restore, it went down to a crit Giga Drain.

    Lapras was next, and was immediately put to sleep. Anise already had a Substitute up, so I fired off a Leech Seed. I think two or three turns with Giga Drain/Leech Seed ended it.

    Of course, Red would send out Charizard next, only to be put to sleep. After seeding it, I started doing a little damage with Giga Drain. It woke up one turn to Flare Blitz away my Substitute, which made me smile. I put up another Sub, but its next Flare Blitz missed, to my disappointment. Oh well. Sleep Powder, and it never woke up again.

    Next was undoubtedly the most troublesome of the lot: Venusaur. I expected this to be tough, since it's immune to seeding while being a bulky poison-type. But due to my luck reversing itself, this guy turned out to be extremely evil. After putting it to sleep (I think), I switched off for the only member of my team not weak to Poison: Ginger (victreebel). Got off two Sludge Bombs, which put it to about 40% HP, when it awoke to OHKO Ginger with a crit Sludge Bomb. D: I brought out Anise to try to put it to sleep again, but no dice. She too, fell to Sludge Bomb (I think maybe two, with both Sleep Powders missing). Thyme (bellossom) replaced her to try his hand at Sleep Powder. Nope. Two Sludge Bombs, and he went down. I was surprised at how quick his Venusaur was here. I brought out Chicory (meganium) to put up a Light Screen. It worked, but Sludge Bomb crit bypassed it, and I was now down to two pokémon. D: Sage (tangrowth) came out next and was able to take a Sludge Bomb, thanks to Light Screen, and retalitate with Earthquake. It wasn't quite enough to take Venusaur out, but it was enough for Red to use a Full Restore. D: To make things worse, Sludge Bomb managed to poison Sage as well. I took this time to use Max Revives on Ginger and Chicory as Sage also fell to this beast. Ginger came back out to take revenge with a successful Stun Spore. This allowed some free turns to attack with our own Sludge Bomb. I can't really remember what happened here, but Venusaur eventually prevailed again. Arrgh! But this allowed for Chicory to avenge everyone with a Rock Climb. Finally, Venusaur is down! Huzzah!

    Snorlax was considerably less of a problem. But without Anise, it wasn't as simply taken care of as the first half of Red's team. Chicory put up a Reflect, but Snorlax surprised me with a Blizzard. So, Light Screen naturally came next. This allowed us to take anything it threw at us, be it Blizzard, Giga Impact, Crunch, or Shadow Ball, while I repeatedly attacked with Rock Climb. Also, I'm grateful for Blizzard's lack of accuracy and his lack of luck for criticals, as well as the confusion from Rock Climb. I used a Hyper Potion once, and then I thought it would be nice to suck health from the high-HP Snorlax, especially since he used a Full Restore on it. So, I switched off for Cilantro, who got off a Leech Seed without a hitch. This allowed us to heal like 47 HP per turn! I switched back out for Chicory, who restored the dual screens. Snorlax eventually went down from Petal Dance and a final Leech Seed sapping, as I knew what his last pokémon was.

    Blastoise. It surprised me with its speed, but Blizzard missed, so it took a continued Petal Dance. Another Blizzard, but it wasn't too bad, thanks to Light Screen. The final turn of Petal Dance finished it off. And that's that! Red is defeated, and the credits scroll. ^-^ I was surprised that Anise took out half his team, and Chicory the other half, but it was definitely made possible by the assistance of the other party members (especially against that Venusaur).

    The team at the end:

    Chicory (Meganium, Bold, male) Lv. 81
    @Light Clay
    HP: 237/A: 153/D: 223/SpA: 164/SpD: 184/Spd: 164
    -Petal Dance
    -Rock Climb
    -Light Screen

    Ginger (Victreebel, Docile, female) Lv. 80
    @Shell Bell
    HP: 225/A: 209/D: 133/SpA: 180/SpD: 113/Spd: 174
    -Leaf Blade
    -Sludge Bomb
    -Leaf Storm
    -Stun Spore

    Anise (Jumpluff, Modest, female) Lv. 80
    HP: 221/A: 103/D: 142/SpA: 130/SpD: 172/Spd: 230
    -Giga Drain
    -Sleep Powder
    -Leech Seed

    Thyme (Bellossom, Lonely, male) Lv. 80
    @Big Root
    HP: 248/A: 165/D: 163/SpA: 183/SpD: 196/Spd: 125
    -Drain Punch
    -Sleep Powder
    -Giga Drain

    Cilantro (Sunflora, Hasty, male) Lv. 80
    @Miracle Seed
    HP: 224/A: 153/D: 123/SpA: 212/SpD: 173/Spd: 104
    -Sunny Day
    -Leaf Storm
    -Leech Seed

    Sage (Tangrowth, Bashful, male) Lv. 80
    Leaf Guard
    HP: 258/A: 201/D: 260/SpA: 192/SpD: 97/Spd: 125
    -Power Whip
    -Wring Out

    And finally, onwards to Hoenn and Sinnoh! ^-^
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