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Originally Posted by kronos9 View Post
Ok, i am thinking about actually starting this game up. I made the starting town in under 20 minutes today. It's called Birchleaf Town. (I will update the map with better stuff, this is basically the outline of everything)

Since i haven't made more than 15 posts i can't post images. SOOOO, the image is on my deviantart @

The image is sort of cut off at the top, but the top is just cliffs and stuff. Take a look and how about some of dat feedback?
REEEEEEEEEAAALLLYY empty - seems like a boring town, try filling it with decorations and maybe a house or two. The trees seem a little too box-like and more like a wall on the bottom right, maybe flesh it out a bit
the map isnt too bad it just seems too empty and theres a lot of sand

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