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Facebook is awash with Zimmerman comments.

Most of them about how someone is going to kill him, someone is going to kill the jurors. That kinda stuff.

Anyway, here's what I put on fb about it, since pretty much everyone else is doing the same thing.

And the Zimmerman verdict is in... Not guilty.

I was surprised on this one really. Not guilty on murder 2nd was no surprise, but I was expecting a hung jury over manslaughter.

Anyway, all the people raising **** about how the verdict should have been guilty, and how easy it should be to see that he was? They don't realize what the verdicts really mean. The verdicts are shortened to guilty and not guilty, but the full versions would be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and not guilty due to reasonable doubt.

Now, whats interesting about reasonable doubt is that the evidence doesn't always establish it one way or the other. While people believe or like to think it does, most of the times reasonable doubt is open to interpretation.

What reasonable doubt comes down to is how the attorney interprets the evidence. It's a sad fact but a lot of trials are decided by whichever attorney is the better speaker, or to some people, the better bull****ter.

Interpretation and reasonable doubt go both ways however - It's the prosecutors job to interpret the evidence to remove reasonable doubt and the defense attorneys job to interpret the evidence either preserve or create reasonable doubt. It's this reason why a lot of people have a dislike or hatred of lawyers and attorneys.
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