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    Ok, so to expand my holographic collection, I have been buying holographic cards from the first 2 generations, little by little. After getting the legendaries in holographic form from both generations, I started to go after the Eeveelutions. I first got Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon with no troubles. When I got more money saved up, I went after the remaining Eeveelutions. I got Espeon, Umbreon and Leafeon with no problem, but here's the trouble I'm having obtaining the holographic Glaceon card.

    The first time was my mistake, as I wasn't paying attention to the card description and got the foil form of Glaceon instead. I was a little shocked and slightly disappointed, but then I thought I have some foils already so it wasn't a big deal after all that time and I put it away with the rest of my holographics and foils. I still wanted the holographic Glaceon, so I went searching for it once again and came across it and this time read the description and it said it was holographic. I bought it from eBay and it only took 2 days for it to arrive. To my shock again, it was in the same foil form as my previous purchase.

    This is the foil form of Glaceon I keep receiving:

    This is the holographic form of Glaceon I am wanting:

    How hard is it to come by the holographic one I am wanting? What do I do about this situation? I don't want to keep spending money just to end up getting foils every time.
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