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Originally Posted by Dyl-icious View Post
I am very happy with the outcome.

@Freakylocz: Zimmerman was given a stress voice test quite sooner after the shooting. He was asked if he confronted the man he saw lurking in his neighborhood and also if he was in fear of his life when he shot. Both results came back NDI, which means No Deception Indicated. And what that means is that he was telling the truth.

More evidence in Zimmerman's favor.. On the night of the shooting, when he was examined by medical professionals. He suffered a broken nose and scrapes on the back of his head. On Martin's autopsy, the only wound he had other than the gunshot was a cut on his left knuckle. So, from just these two small bits of evidence, he seems pretty innocent to me.

EDIT: Zimmerman answered No and then Yes on the stress test questions.
And we're basing the outcome of the case on very shaky pseudoscience at best. Which is what polygraphs, etc, are. That's very reassuring.

And none of Zimmerman's DNA was found on Martin's corpse. And let's not forget Zimmerman pursued Martin preceding the altercation. You're not "defending yourself" or "fearful for your life" if you're the one initiating the conflict.
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