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Originally Posted by Reinforce View Post
Hey guys here's my current team and im going to rebattle the pkmn league
Lvl 70 - Tentacruel
Lvl 71 - Infernape
Lvl 70 - Ampharos
Lvl 52 - Staravia
Lvl 51 - Flygon
Lvl 54 - Latios

Do you think I have a chance?

And also where can i get light ball? I want my pikachu to have volt tackle please
Answer ASAP
If your Tentacruel or Ampharos know an ice move, then you'd only have little problems. I've had a weaker team than that and I still got through it. Your pokemon's types aren't bad, either

light balls are wild items you could get from wild pikachu... i'm not sure if pichus give the same. There's none given in-game, either. In any case, placing a pokemon with the ability: Static in your first pokemon slot helps a lot. Static increases the chances of finding electric pokemon in the grass, hence making it easier to "hunt" wild items, if ever.
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