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Username: KagamiChan
Type: Normal
Challenge: Ultimate
Games: Pokémon FireRed,
Pokémon Crystal, Pokémon Ruby, Pokémon Pearl, Pokémon White 2
Current Game: Still debating

Final update on my Normal Crystal run.

Trained on the E4 a few times until I got bored.
Decided to go for Mt Silver and take on Red despite being slightly underleveled.
Had a bit of trouble with the Flash using part of the cave.
Finally reached Red and challenged him, sending out Necrum first who took out Red's Pikachu in 2 Earthquakes.
Left Necrum to deal with Red's Espeon, poisoning it with Toxic and letting it kill itself while spamming Full Restores through Espeon's Psychic.
Red then sent out Snorlax so Necrum poisoned it but then had to heal through Snorlax's BodySlams until it eventually fainted when I decided to attack.
Sent out Serena the Miltank and used Attract on Snorlax then got lucky with BodySlam paralyzing it then spammed body slam until Snorlax fainted.
Red sent out Venusaur and I once again had Serena use Attract but Serena eventually fainted.
Sent out Lilah the Furret but it fainted in 1 hit.
Decided to send out Vincent who eventually made good use of its Fly to take down Venusaur.
Red sent out Charizard and it easily defeated Vincent and Tabor.
I was left with Sydian only so I sent her out and tried my luck with Sing. Sing worked so I proceeded to Thunderpunch Charizard.
Last but not least, Red sent out Blastoise that also ended up being hit by Sing and then Thunderpunched until it fainted, thus bringing me my victory.

Badge Case

Final Team

Level 55, Male @ Quick Claw
Stats: 89/81/117/139/102
Steel Wing
Dream Eater

Level 55, Female @ Metal Coat
Stats: 109/103/75/86/135
Fury Cutter
Iron Tail

Level 61, Male @ Pink Bow
Stats: 208/119/125/125/105

Level 56, Male @ Miracle Seed
Stats: 82/124/109/137/71
Sunny Day

Level 62, Female @ Nevermeltice
Stats: 113/128/144/150/110
Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Thunder Punch

Level 57, Female (obviously) @ Leftovers
Stats: 123/160/69/104/152
Shadow Ball
Milk Drink
Body Slam


Thoughts and Impressions

I thought long and hard before deciding upon a Normal Mono and I honestly didn't know if I was able to pull it through. But Crystal was better than expected and I learned to appreciate Normal Types more.
As for my team....

was OKish. He did fairly well in the beginning and pulled through whenever I needed him. But I know I won't be using him again anytime soon because it took me a while to decide between him and Pidgeot but people praised Noctowl more so I went with that and was disappointed. Now, don't get me wrong, he did live up to his moves and used them well. But he wasn't as great as people said he'd be.

did better than I expected actually. And even made good use of Cut. She was great in the early stages of the game but gradually faded and stopped shining as I progressed. I'm really looking forward to giving her a try again.
was a handful. It worked Charm and Metronome for the most part and its Metronome kept ending in some exploding move (hence the nickname). I was about to release it and was really frustrated by him so I didn't use him much. He greatly improved once he got SolarBeam and Psychic tho and eventually shined and proved that he deserved to be in my team.

was incredibly awesome! No wonder Whitney uses one and it's beast xD She was amazing and did well both offensively and deffensively. She soloed a couple of gyms and even almost soloed Will the first time I face the E4 (cause I kept switching her out so I can train some of my other pokemon >.>) She's in the top 3 of my team and she was way above my expectations.

was amazing. He deserves his title of second best in my team. He soloed Gyms, almost soloed Bruno on my first E4 battle and took down 2 and a half of Red's Pokémon all by himself. He's earned his place in my favourite Pokémon list.

was the star of my team. She soloed Gyms, took on a lot of the E4s mons and punched her way through earning me a victory against Red. She could pack a punch while also being able to whitstand most hits. She took on Lance all by herself and she had no scratch by the end of the battle. I was amazed at her being faster than most of her opponents and didn't expect it (and no, I don't know my stats >.>)

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.