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    The Yandere Mermaid

    Divine was amused by how everyone kept asking her why she needed Ryuu. There was even one who dared to ask her why she wasn't asking for Yuna. "Yuna..." Divine's expression started to turn in one of a jealous girl in love. "I prefer not face Yuna, we don't get along very well." Divine looked away from the boy with a irritated smile. She really disliked hearing Yuna's name. Remembering her irritated her even more.

    "How is she doing by the way...? Still trying to get Ryuu-sama?" Divine asked the students in front of her as he expression started to turn in an evil one. She somehow felt anger building up inside her and felt like punching or even killing something. She felt her other personality taking her over which she was trying to prevent.

    Suddenly Divine is interupted by yet another appearence. "Hi! My name is Marie. Can I have your babies? You've got to be the cutest guy I've ever laid my eyes on, and I've seen lots of them! I could show you my magazines, but I don't want to leave your side!" The girl laughed crazy between her sentences and freaked the mermaid out. "What the...! I'm a woman!" Divine grabbed her wrist and pulled it away from her hair. "What is this madness?!" She asked the other students, obviously confused by the sudden appearence.

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