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    Originally Posted by Ęℓαчиıı View Post
    The screens look lovely, hun! <3

    The only thing I have to add is why not make the ledge darker on the mountain? It sort of blends in a bit, or at lead to me it does. The trees in the forest are lovely. I like how it shows the wood. It's a nice little addition.

    dat device.
    Thank you hun! <3

    Yeah I'll be chaning that, as I'm going through a bit of a style change I'll eventualy change that too.

    Originally Posted by Varion View Post
    I like the interface, Is it from an official game? Or did you, or get someone to, make it for you?
    Its custom made yes Thank you!

    First in the series of the updates:

    At the moment I'm quite busy and I'm not able to work much on a game, but I try to work on it every single day so the game is still progressing just a tad bit slower but the progress will eventualy speed up in a month or so. In the first series of updates I'll show you a tilestyle change I did. Its not much of a change but it is something and I think it looks way better then before. Some of the overworlds or tiles you will see are still temporarly and will eventualy be changed once I get them done.
    Here is a teaser of few and also a teaser of starter choosing event which will be re-done a bit.

    You can see that the text box now changes if you're talking to a male or female character. There is also a textbox change if you're talking with an important character. Thanks to lostsoulsdev for the help on the script. Another new feature we have is WSAD movement, because I feel if you're using a mouse WSAD movement is a must have feature, so big credits to Luka-SJ for an amazing mouse and wsad movement script.

    And that is pretty much all for the today's update. Hope you all like it, if you have any suggestions what to improve, please say so.