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Legendary Rebels 3: Hypnotized War



It’s been three years since Adriane, Spike, Valorie, Alan, and Gad had helped prevent the war between the humans and the legendary pokemon. The humans had been mad, because previously Mewtwo had spotted a human abusing their pokemon, killed him, then captured all the humans, minus six he was unaware of, and stuffed them in cages, planning to execute them all. Mew, Latias, Latios, Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie had all come together to create the Legendary Rebels, finding the ‘trusted humans’, Adriane, Spike, Lance, Cress, Daniel, and Tryant, and ultimately stopping the humans’ execution, though they lost several members along the way. The humans had tried to start a war against Mewtwo and the other legendaries, Adriane’s dad being their leader, but they prevented it.

Now a group of humans still find anger in the memory of what happened. They have created devices to control pokemon, and after a long line of testing, have deemed them powerful enough to control the legendaries. They’ve implanted these devices within Mewtwo and many other legendaries, though not all of them. Nine still remain, and have fled the raidar. Mew returned to Adriane’s side, alerting her of the legendaries being controlled, and Adriane started trying to bring a team together. The other legendaries remaining are Latias, Latios, Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune.

The nine legendaries, and the nine ‘trusted humans’ the legendaries team up with must come together to stop the team of humans. They humans were originally going to control the legendaries into destroying each other, but decided to have fun with it first. Their first plan of action is to capture the Soul Dew, while trying to destroy Mew’s tree. They also try to pollute Suicune’s lake, and do the same to Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie’s. Doing so would weaken the Legendary Rebels, as they call themselves. Soon enough it would destroy the legendary pokemon, and the human linked with them.

And while protecting those areas, and Latias and Latios try to protect the Soul Dew, they have to figure out how to save the other legendaries, and bring them back into their own control. They also must figure out how to stop the organization of humans altogether, and get rid of either their anger, or them.


1. No cursing. It’s not really necessary. (Though we forgot this in the last one, partially my fault I will admit.)
2. No godmodding. For anyone who doesn’t know, godmodding is pretty much saying in your post you hit someone, without giving the other roleplayer/character a chance to react, block, or dodge. And no automatically dodging every time either.
3. No bunnying, or controlling someone else’s character into saying or doing something, without permission from either the user that created that character or me, the Game Master.
4. Please be polite to all of the other users in the roleplay, please. However a character being rude to another character is fine (being rivals/enemies is fine, just no personal attacks to the user.)
5. Romance/romantic relationships are fine, and encouraged, just nothing past normal kissing.
6. Your character will be linked to one, and only one, legendary pokemon. First come first serve as far as the legendary pokemon go.
7. Follow all PokeCommunity rules that apply here, please
8. No Pokemon X & Y Pokemon. We just (unfortunately) don't know enough about them yet.
9. Spot reservation lasts 3 days unless you contact me to let me know you're working on it.
10.Unless you reserve for a certain legendary, I can not give it to you if someone posts a SU for it if they did after you reserved. So if you want for instance Entei, and forget to say so when you reserve, and someone posts their SU afterwords and claim Entei, they're going to get Entei. Not trying to be mean, I usually reserve first too, just don't forget to say your legendary.

Legendary Pokemon

1. Mew - Taken by miley810 - Adriane Cole Jewel
2. Latias - Reserved (possibly) by heretostay123
3. Latios - Taken by MickFizz - "Vicky Powers"
4. Mesprit - Taken by PKMNTrainerYellow - Valorie Ryder
5. Azelf - Taken by ElBurrito - Jason Kore
6. Uxie - Reserved by dcjboi
7. Entei - Taken by Yamagi Sosuke - Norel 'King' Brazen
8. Suicune - Taken by PinkSapphire - April
9. Raikou - Taken by Dark Leader Adam - Tobias Jones

Sign Up Sheet

Name: (First and Last required, middle is optional)
Age: (14-19)
Gender: (No brainer.)
Team: (Six pokemon total, no legendaries (which also means your legendary pokemon your linked to isn’t included here), no repeats. If someone else is using this pokemon, you can’t. I’m sorry, but there are over 500 pokemon. And at max, there are 54 pokemon being used, minus legendaries. We should be able to all use different pokemon.)
Legendary: (One of the untaken nine legendaries from the list above.)
Appearance: (How does your character look? Hair color, hair length, eye color, skin tone, clothes, and height are required, anything else is optional. Must be a fair sized paragraph at minimum.)
Personality: (How does your character act? Think? Are they social? Antisocial? Rude? Bitter? Mean? Sweet? Tell us about your character. At least one good sized paragraph.)
History: (Optional.)
Other: (Anything else not included anywhere else, goes here.)

My Character

Name: Adriane Cole Jewel
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Team: Glaceon, Ursaring, Venusaur, Plusle, Nidorino, Litwick
Legendary: Mew
Appearance: Adriane has mid-back length black hair, kept under a black baseball cap, her bangs reaching about the bottom of her eyebrow. She has dark green eyes, and her skin has a medium tan from being out in the sun a lot. She wears a dark green t-shirt with a black leather jacket, and black leather fingerless gloves. She wears black pants that go over her black combat boots. She stands about 5”1, weighing only 100 pounds, due to her negelctive father’s doings.

Personality: Adriane has turned cold towards the world over the past few years, since she was still stuck with her neglective and abusive father. Her sisters Raven and Emily both still remain alive, though her mother has died from her father’s hands, though he covered it up for the police. Adriane has pretty much cut herself off from the world, but still cares deeply about the pokemon. So when she was confronted by Mew about what was going on, she immediately jumped into action, not ready to let what was going on continue without trying to stop it. Adriane is always ready to stand her ground, and is slightly argumentative, to anyone besides the few friends she has, like Valorie and Spike. She’s nice to her friends though, for the most part, and her pokemon.

History: Adriane was one of the original Legendary Rebels, partnered up with Mew. She is very close to Mew now. She has changed a lot since the original issue, when Mewtwo captured all the humans. She's became a lot more strong willed, and changed her appearance a lot. After the first incident, her father started drinking obsessively and started abusing her, when she does her best to hide, not willing to be split up from her sisters. Her dad was the one who started the whole second war, and once the issue was fixed he returned to abusing her. She wouldn't let anyone call on him though.

The Roleplayers

miley810 - Adriane Cole Jewel - Mew - Glaceon, Ursaring, Venusaur, Plusle, Nidorino, Litwick
PKMNTrainerYellow - Valorie Ryder - Mesprit - Dragonite, Haxorus, Hydreigon, Zorua, Reuniclus, Swalot
ShinyDiamond - Reserved for Latias
Mick Fizz - Victoria Beck/"Vicky Powers" - Latios - Starmie - Magneton - Vanilluxe - Golett - Boldore - Pawniard
PinkSapphire - April - Suicune - Espeon, Arcanine, Charizard, Raichu, Meganium and Sumarott
Yamagi Sosuke - Norel 'King' Brazen - Entei - Quilava, Carracosta, Leafeon, Garchomp, Luxray, Riolu
Dark Leader Adam - Tobias Jones - Raikou - Crobat (aka Smokey), Donphan, Umbreon, Cacturne, Azumarill and Roserade
ElBurrito - Jason Kore - Azelf -Ditto, Flareon, Hitmonchan, Seviper, Onix, Swablu


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Sig Credit: Fire Heart (thanks sis!)

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