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Originally Posted by Keiran777 View Post
The prosecution did fine. I do not understand the ignorant claim that the prosecution failed. The testimony of every medical examiner was enough to convict Zimmerman. He only got away with self defense because racism turned the case into a black kid giving someone a bloody nose (which was the only proven event of self defense in the entire scenario, and was in Trayvons/the states favour). Self-defense should not be an option for the one who started the conflict, especially when advised not to, especially when armed vs. unarmed, and most especially when they pursued the victim because of racial profiling.

But your right, Freaky, our legal system can't fail people it never was meant to, or intends to, protect.
Actually the prosecution withheld evidence:,0,2426704.story

I'm glad to see he wasn't charged with murder, but this doesn't mean he's innocent of the death of a person. He has to live with that for the rest of his life, and no one should be able to condemn him for that.
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