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OOO! I love cats<3

Username: jellicentfan1
Do you want to go by a nickname? If so, your nickname is: Jelli or Chase
Partner Pokemon: Jolteon
Pick your partner's nickname: Sparks
Your favorite real-life cat: My fluffy orange cat.
Your favorite cat Pokemon: Ughhhh such a tough one as there are so many that are just asdfghj<33333333333333333. I am gonna go with Jolteon though as I just simply love everything about it. It is great in battle, has a great design, and has blazing speed. Did I mention it is also adorable? :D Purrloin is a close second because it annoys the opponent so bad and it's adorable as well!

An answer to the topic:
Basically what others have said about cats being small creatures irl and just people naturally assume they are weak. Also a lot of cats appear pretty early in the games so I assume they wouldn't want to make them OP. Although some cat Pokemon are pretty powerful.

1000th post wooooo!

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