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What was your team in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?
In my most recent playthrough, I was a Chickorita while my Partner was a Riolu. Very little got in our way. Later on, the team added a Skorupi and a Flaafy to the mix.
• Did you have a particular pokemon join your party?
I never really actively search for 'mons, so not really. Though I usually do hope for something with Fury Swipes or such

• Did you create a team on impulse?
Yes, so much yes. This pretty much sums up my playthroughs. "Hey, you got yourself a fancy new Vibrava!" -later- "Oh no, it fainted! But don't worry, you can use this Cacnea until you finish!"

• Did you just go along with you and your partner?
No, I feel as if that wouldn't be wise. Although saving on resources was a problem, Monster Houses were too.

• After the main storyline, did you change your party around?
.It all depends on the mission. Lower level dungeons mean lower level parties, and if I need type advantages, I got those handy.

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