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    "Did I...?"

    "Yes, from the looks of it, you had somethin' to do with all this," Hanso said to Sovereign offhandedly, as Accatosh flew in and asked what happened. Within moments, the Tyranitar asked the same question, followed by asking the stretcher-bearers who they were.

    "We're here to take her to a safer place," one Pokemon, a Roselia, answered, "as per orders of Penance." With that answer, Hanso relaxed slightly, though he did look at Brynn again once he'd released a second Heal Pulse for Vera.

    "I'll do what I can, brother. But I can't guarantee anything beyond Vera's health." The Gardevoir reached out and grabbed Hanso's hand for a few moments, minds giving each other a brief summary of their own parts in Sovereign's mind.

    Standing and stepping back as the Pokemon began to lift the Blaziken onto the stretcher, with Brynn intent on following, Hanso found himself tired and beginning to chuckle. For no reason that he could think of at the moment. "What happened?" he repeated after a few seconds, turning to Sovereign and Accatosh. His face showed how tired he was, even if the Gallade was grinning a bit for no apparent reason. "Too much to say in one sentence."

    His chuckles and grin faded in a moment. "Eh, Sovereign." Glancing at the Salamence, Hanso said, "We will need to catch up soon, but first I wanna make sure that you don't get yourself killed after our efforts. My...promise, may not be resolved just yet, what with all that's...happened. Gold Tribe versus Sentinels, and all that."