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Which do you prefer? Traditional Art or Digital Art? Why? Or do you think that both have their pros and cons and should be treated equally? For the sake of simplicity, let's only discuss 2D art. No sculptures, videos, crafts, etc.

I for one like both mediums but as years have gone by I realized that I like digital art more than traditional art. Why?

First of all, because digital art is cheaper. All I have to do is buy a computer and a tablet and I can create an unlimited amount of art. It will eventually pay itself off. In addition, I don't have to bother buying paints, pencils, markers and paper to create my work. Those, I feel, are all unnecessary expenses.

Second of all, digital art is more eco-friendly. I used to use a lot of paper to create my artwork. A lot of those papers were scrap work. I threw them in the trash. They could have been used for something else. Also, what happened to those markers and pens that ran out of ink? I threw them in the trash too, and now they're in a landfill somewhere. With digital art, I don't have to worry about that. My computer and tablet have lasted me a long time.

Third of all, I can easily preserve my digital artwork. I can upload it on the internet, save it in the documents folder of my computer or save it on a flash drive. It will last as long as the internet and computers last. However, with traditional art, I was not as lucky. I lost all of my childhood drawings because I misplaced a binder full of them... I'm not sure when I'll ever get to see them again.

Lastly, digital art enables me to easily share my artwork with a huge audience. Sure, you can have your traditional art displayed in the museum, but will that museum attract as large an audience as the internet does? And who is to say that your art will even be displayed in a museum? You can publish your art in a book, but who will you find to publish it? With digital art, you can go on a website like Deviantart or a forum like Pokecommunity and upload your picture and have hundreds of people enjoy and critique it. Yes, you can scan in your traditionally made pencil drawing to the internet, but at that point, is it still traditional art..?

A lot of people have complained that digital art lacks the "feeling" and "originality" of real-life, traditional art. I can see why they would hold that opinion but I still think that digital art can convey "feelings" and "originality" as well. There are also some things that digital art can't do that traditional art can do and vice versa. One of the main drawbacks of digital art is that your canvas is limited to the size of your audience's screen. But, in a way, the canvas of a digital art can be infinite (or at least close to it), which xkcd attempted to prove with one of its comics (Link:

What do you think?

Originally Posted by Alexial357
This discussion was (and currently is) running in Discussion & Debates and can be seen/read here. Shout out to jcl who was the original creator of this discussion. It's a good debate! But I plan on expanding it over to different mediums. That, and for the sake of bringing it to more artists attention, I'm posting a similar thread here. :)

What do you guys think? Do you prefer traditional or digital art? Why? Do you do both? Discuss some of the pros and cons. Graphic artists, is it so cut and dry that your preference lies with digital tools? Or do you feel that graphics could find a place in traditional mediums? Explore these ideas.

I personally have a multitude of reasons to prefer traditional art. Pen and paper are my bread and butter, and it will always feel more natural to me to hold a pen as opposed to a stylus. Controlling ink flow, my line work, steadiness, and the inability to simply "undo" an error makes it so much more appealing to me and really allows the artist to flex their tactical muscles.

Originally, I was going to come in and say that digital art (or the tools you need to create it, rather) are just too expensive. But in retrospect, I've probably spent more on my pens than I ever did on my tablet. Still, in my opinion, one cannot beat the availability and general feel of paper and pencil. Is it a superior medium? Probably not, given the versatility of digital art. But for me, considering where my comfort zone is and my level of skill, I'll always favor the traditional and (arguably) conventional.

Your turn! :)
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