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Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
Then do that. If you think being assisted with ASD makes things 'too easy', then go ahead and reject all help of any kind. Do it the hard way. I don't care; it's your life. I chose to detach myself from any assistance as soon as possible simply because it wasn't doing me any good and therefore not worth my time.

But the way you word that makes no sense. Just because you want to be normal means you shouldn't have been diagnosed? That's not how it works. You must have known something was off-kilter beforehand; knowing what it is just gives you the power to change.

And you make it seem like all autistic people are taking the easy way out. No. **** that, are you ****ing kidding me? Without diagnosis and without assistance my eleven-year-old brother would still be struggling as if he were a toddler. Do you think his quality of life would have been improved without diagnosis and treatment? Do you think his brothers and his mother and the rest of his family would be better off if his functionality hadn't been improved? My stepmom and my dad are both teachers. Education funding and therefore teacher salaries are being cut across the country, still. Do you think they could have afforded the necessary care without government aid? And that's just for one child; they have two more with ASD! Don't you dare talk about funding and treatment like it's giving ASD people an easy out. What it does is give them a similar quality of life to a neurotypical.

Isn't that what you want anyway? Why the **** do you want to reject stuff that's going to better your life? Whatever man. I don't care about you and your choices. But don't even start to project them onto others.
You have a point there, because to be quite honest, I really have no idea what I want at all. My ambitions and goals always change and contradict each other, to the point where I really need help. I'm not sure if it's part of my ASD or just my brain mindscrewing me about my choices. I never knew that funding treatment was suppose to help autistic people live a normal life like non-autistic people (I always thought it only gave them better treatment in life than normal people), so I extremely apologize for hurting your feelings, as well as your family and other ASD people. I've been stressed about my ASD resulting in my low confidence in myself, and I wanted to be like a normal person and thought in order to do that, I need to be cured from my mental disorder. Even though I have a family, a home, and couple of friends irl, as well as help from my local disability rehab, I still feel miserable on the inside, and I want that feeling gone somehow. Hence why I ask how is anyone able to live with it, so people could possibly share/help others who have ASD with their problems to live better lives.
And Mercy too.
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