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Originally Posted by Hayabusa-Kun View Post
HELP! I'm stuck! I've almost complete the Pokedex but it seem that i can't find this two legendary Pokemon that is Uxie and Azelf. I've search the whole place. Thanks for helping!
Since you seem to have defeated Shirona in order to get Mesprit, I presume the prerequisite is done...
Both are randomly placed in Zheri... Azelf should be in forest while Uxie on beach island.

Originally Posted by firered410 View Post
I'm having problems with trainer battles no trainer will battle me from route 406 onward. the only people who fight me are rivals and gym leaders, but no team steam members or regular trainers. If anyone could help that would be great and much appreciated
It seems to be wrongly patched ROM with set trainerflags... you should patch a new one.
ROM hacking FAQ - Read before asking how to play a hack.

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