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Very interesting question!

Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
Math as a language was invented, but the concepts that language explains existed long before we were able to codify them. It's not like special relativity existed only after Einstein told us all about it. ;p
This is the perfect answer, I'd say. Mathematics as a language is something that we invented to try to understand our universe in a way that we can manipulate, but the ratios and equations taking place in every day life have always been there. It's entirely possible that our view on the universe (from a mathematical standpoint) is entirely wrong and we've been miscalculating everything (and it's possible that things simply can't be calculated), but given that we're able to understand, evaluate and manipulate the world in the ways that we do, I think it's a safe bet that we've got this down haha. It's interesting to consider an unquantifiable world in which all maths we took to be law is revealed to be false, but from the limited knowledge that we have, it seems likely that'll never happen.

Though 'likely' is a probability, so perhaps we're imagining that too? ;)
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