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    A/N: Loved writing this chapter because Mr. Badass Kenta arrives. Have fun reading

    Chapter 4:

    Kenta, The Lone Wolf

    Shocked wasn't quite the emotion that Ryu was feeling at the moment. The man that currently stood before him was the great and well known Professor Rowan? He just couldn't believe it. Meeting him right now wasn't the surprise; it was the fact that he didn't look anything like he pictured him to be. He was expecting someone younger and more intimidating from what Johanna had described him as, not some fluffy white haired old man who looked almost like a pokemon.

    "You can't be serious! You're Professor Rowan?" Ryu shouted,

    Professor Rowan just chuckled. "Not quite what you were expecting, eh?"

    That was the understatement of the year. Well I guess it didn't really matter.

    Ryu had now completed the first stage of regaining his lost memories and needed to get as many answers out of this guy as he could.

    "Come with me Ryu, I have something very important I want to discuss with you" he said calmly as he walked over towards a tall door that was behind Ryu.

    Ryu didn't really have much of a choice and went along with him into the room.

    As they walked, Ryu took in his surroundings and saw various different photographs that were placed on two parallel sides of a hallway that stretched for miles. He looked closer at the photographs and noticed that the people in photos were what seemed to be past pokemon trainers that stood alongside Professor Rowan.

    Ryu was intrigued and wanted to know more. "Who are all the people in these photos?"

    Professor Rowan had noticed Ryu gawking and decided to answer his question.

    "Those are photos of past students of mine, when they first started out their Pokemon journeys".

    Each of the photographs looked relatively different, as each trainer had either a red coloured monkey that was jumping, a blue coloured penguin that was posing or a green coloured tree creature that was eating grass.

    "These must be the starter pokemon that Johanna mentioned before" he thought.

    Finally, their passage came to a stop as they reached a door located at the end of the hallway. As Professor Rowan grabbed the door hinge and proceeded to open the door; Ryu peaked his head into the office and was flabbergasted.

    Professor Rowan's office was nearly double in size to all of the other offices that the other scientists had, and was definitely more furnished.

    The Professor was living the good life. Well it was to be expected, I mean he was the head Professor.

    As they strolled into the large room and walked over towards his desk, Professor Rowan motioned for Ryu to take a seat at a small black chair that was located right in front of his desk.

    Ryu took his seat and felt kind of nervous. He was usually fine with entering an unfamiliar area, and not having much to worry about, but this was different. Maybe it was because he was in Professor Rowan's office that made him nervous.

    Ryu suddenly remembered what Johanna had told him about being nervous and recalled that he should just take a deep breath and relax, which is exactly what he did.

    What was there to worry about? He had waited for this moment to learn about his arm, and also his forgotten self and now was the time to finally discover that secret.

    "Ryu, I want you to tell me everything you can about what you remember before you met Johanna" Professor Rowan asked as he brought out a notebook and a pen from his desk.

    Ryu looked at him carefully and tried to comply with what he had asked. It was definitely not as easy as remembering what had happened a couple of hours ago. Ryu closed his eyes and tried his hardest to remember anything about where he had come from, or even anyone he knew before meeting Johanna. Or better yet, that mysterious figure that had appeared before him when he was attacked by Team Galactic.

    Minutes went by, with nothing but silence and Professor Rowan feared that Ryu could not remember anything.

    "I didn't think it was that bad….this is going to take longer than I had originally planned" he thought as he recorded Ryu's behaviour down into his notebook.

    Concluding the first phase of his research, he looked at Ryu and decided that it was time for a new type of experiment.

    "We're going to try something else Ryu, you can stop thinking now"

    Again, silence filled the room as Ryu hadn't responded to what he just said.

    "Ryu?" Professor Rowan inquired curiously, trying to wake up the boy, until he had noticed a little snot bubble coming out from his nose.

    Professor Rowan nearly fell over from where he was standing and got up, trying to adjust his jacket.

    He cleared this throat and screamed "Wake up!" while hitting him over the head with his notebook.

    The snot bubble popped, and a eerie eyed Ryu looked up at the Professor who was crossing his arms.

    Laughing nervously, Ryu scratched the back of his head and apologized several times. It wasn't his fault, Ryu didn't really care much for deep thinking and disliked having to think about something for too long, but if he was ever going to get his memories and the knowledge about his arm that he desired, then he was going to have to endure it.

    Continuing the experiment, the two of them began trying different memory games about different Pokemon topics and common sense exercises. Professor Rowan wanted to know exactly what he was dealing with here, and needed as much information as possible.

    Half an hour went by fairly quickly, with the professor gathering a substantial amount of information to conclude his research.

    Professor Rowan had left Ryu on his own to go and finish his research, and to check on the pokemon that he had brought with him.

    As Professor Rowan entered the Restoration centre in his laboratory for treating injured Pokemon with only mild and un-severe illness, he dropped the check board he was holding and looked in horror at the carnage that had occurred.

    The entire room was a complete wreck, with tables flipped over and many of the less injured Pokemon cowering in fear in the corner. It was if a Steelix had woken up from a really bad nap and started going ape.

    Some of the scientists that were lying on the floor either knocked out or knocked through some of the walls had looked as if they were punched by a really tough Pokemon.

    "What in the Shiftry happened?" he mentally asked himself while walking slowly into the room.

    He quickly remembered the last time his lab was in this condition. It was when some of his co workers decided to throw a party when he was out. Gripping his knuckles, he looked around to see if he could find a certain someone.

    "I swear, if Ian is responsible for this, he's going to have to clean up after Muk for a very long time" he said quietly.

    However, try as he might, he could not locate the familiar scientist and released his frustration.

    As he continued to explore the room, he gazed upon a familiar face from not too long ago.

    In the middle of all of this destruction was a Tyrogue that stood there, holding the head of an unconscious scientist.

    Professor Rowan could not be certain of what he was witnessing.

    Did this little Tyrogue really cause this much chaos and mayhem? That shouldn't even be possible; a Tyrogue's strength shouldn't be this overwhelming to have caused all of this.

    As Professor Rowan tried to contemplate what was happening, Tyrogue took this chance to blitz out of the room and head towards the main entrance.

    With its abnormal speed it quickly manoeuvred through the wreckage of what it had caused and headed out into the main facility.

    "This does not bode well…" Professor Rowan reflected, as he just stood there and watched him run. He tried to go after him and followed him all over the lab until the main door was just in sight.

    With no time left to catch up, he reached into his lab coat and brought out one of his Pokeballs and threw it.

    "Ariados, Stop that Tyrogue!" he ordered, and the Pokeball opened to reveal a giant red and black striped spider type pokemon.

    As it landed, it shot out a thick white spider web and encased the running Tyrogue's feet within it.

    "Rogue!" the pokemon screamed out, as its mobility was now cut off and it was seemingly captured.

    "Good work Ariados, now just hold it for a moment while I try to ca-" Professor Rowan was cut off mid-sentence, as the pokemon grew angrier and took a hold of the web string that was binding it, and with all of its might began to spin it around while rotating Ariados like a rag doll.

    "Ari!" Ariados screamed out in terror as it was being spun across the room.

    Tyrogue then did the most logical and might I add the funniest action, and let go of its hold on the web which launched Ariados spiralling out of control. It crashed into a research facility area, totally wrecking the place with glasses being broken and tables being moved.

    This alerted all of the other scientists in the facility to which they quickly ran to safety, trying to secure and make sure none of the pokemon in the research tubes got loose.

    "But that's impossible, there's no way a Tyrogue should have that magnitude of strength, especially after considering that it had just recovered" Professor Rowan said out loud, as he marvelled at the feat of the pokemon who, despite its size was incredibly powerful. Tyrogue then took this opportunity to run again out to the main entrance.

    "This is not good; we can't let it get out of here!" Professor Rowan exclaimed, but he knew regardless that it was too late and watched as the door to the lab automatically open and the Tyrogue jumped out.

    His hope seemed lost until the Tyrogue was abruptly sent flying backwards and barely managed to land on its feet as it retracted the ground.

    Professor Rowan had found it a shock as well and looked to see what had stopped the pokemon.

    "Oi, is this the welcome you give to your grandson geezer?" a teenage voice pronounced.

    A teen, no taller than Ryu had entered the laboratory with his pockets in his hands. He was slim and his skin tone was coloured white but he was tanned. which went along with his striking blond hair that stretched back and defied the laws of physics. He also wore a pair of black silver on his head.

    He was wearing a pitch black shirt with black jeans and a wallet chain to match. He wore black biker gloves on both of his arms and had a silver chain around his neck. The two most peculiar things about this teenager was the fact that he had a white line running across the centre of his nose, and that his eyes were coloured light yellow like a cat, and looked as if they could penetrate your entire being.

    "K-Kenta? I didn't expect you so soon" Professor Rowan remarked at his supposed relative, as he watched him enter the laboratory.

    Kenta just scoffed in annoyance and narrowed his eyes towards his grandfather, still as forgetful as ever. He looked on towards the Tyrogue who had a very irritated expression on his face.

    "Why is this pokemon glaring at me?" he wondered as he competed into a staring competition with the Tyrogue.

    Suddenly, Ryu ran into the room after hearing all of the commotion that was going on.

    As he ran in, he had noticed that the left side of the lab had been mostly trashed and saw a knocked out spider Pokemon that was clearly unable to move stuck between some books.

    "Just what did I miss?" he thought, trying to understand the situation.

    Professor Rowan, who now saw this as the perfect opportunity to stop Tyrogue, reached into the other side of his lab pocket and brought out a Pokeball.

    "Now" he screamed, throwing the Pokeball towards the Tyrogue.

    Tyrogue had noticed the Professor's attempt to capture it and did something that would not only hurt him physically but his pride as well.

    Tyrogue jumped into the air and using the momentum of the jump, started to roll backwards until it did a complete back flip, and on impact did a somersault kick at the ball and sent it straight back.

    The ball smashed into Professor Rowan's face, which left a noticeable bump mark on his head as he fell down. It was hard to tell if he was conscious or not, but he was definitely not getting back up any time soon.

    Ryu had been startled by this and almost burst out laughing at what had just happened.

    "Well I don't blame the little guy....." Ryu thought as he stared at the Tyrogue, who was mocking the knocked Professor by slapping its butt.

    Ryu and Kenta both stopped their attempted laughter for a second and glared at one another for the first time as they noticed each other's presence.

    It may have just been for a couple of seconds, but it felt like an eternity to the two of them.

    Ryu had just taken in Kenta's "cool" appearance and wondered who he was, while Kenta also watched and observed Ryu, wanting to know more about this mysterious trainer, and how he got his hair to be so frighteningly long.

    "Hey you, what is your name?" Kenta questioned, curious to the identity of this shadowy boy.

    "Isn't it common courtesy to give your own name before asking for another?" Ryu responded, as he was slightly annoyed with his attitude.

    Kenta grew a vein at the top of his forehead from hearing this response and smirked a bit. Ryu then also smirked and the two just stared at one another again while giving each other the famous "electricity" eye tension stare.

    Kenta turned his attention towards the bandaged Pokemon that stood there, waiting to pull off another escape attempt. Curious, he turned his focus back on Ryu.

    "Does this rude Pokemon belong to you?" he asked.

    Ryu, who was still trying to figure out what had been going on quickly denied it.

    "Hell no, I'm not even a trainer" he responded.

    This surprised Kenta a bit, as he was expecting him to be one judging from the way he was dressed.

    "Oh is that so" he said calmly, and then took another look at the wild Tyrogue just standing there.

    "So you wouldn't mind if I caught this barbaric pokemon?" he said bluntly. This caused something in Ryu to snap, something he never knew had been there. Capture? Why would he want to capture Tyrogue all of a sudden?

    "Since this pokemon does not belong to you, you obviously don't care if I were too say...capture it?" he remarked, pressuring Ryu on with his subtle words.

    Ryu was not sure how to react to what he had just said. He did think of the Tyrogue as some type of friend that he had rescued and grown to somewhat care about, while on the other hand, Team Galactic would have probably never attacked him out of the blue if he hadn't been carrying it. He wasn't sure what to do; he didn't know whether he should say something or not.

    It was then that he had realized something that he had believed in when Team Galactic had confronted him.

    Those who break the law are scum, however, those who abandon their comrades and friends are even worse than scum.

    This is what he had believed when he decided not to give up Tyrogue to those two agents, and this is what he should believe in now.

    Kenta's eyes spiked up as he noticed Ryu taking a few steps in front of the confused Pokemon. He just stood there, standing right beside him as if he was it's trainer to begin with.

    Tyrogue, who was also astonished to see Ryu stand beside it, observed that he had a smirk plastered on his face.

    Many different thoughts went through Tyrogue's head, as he gazed upon Ryu's familiar face. Tyrogue couldn't remember all that clearly, but he could slightly recall the face of someone who was carrying it. Was this human the same one that saved him?

    "Sorry buddy, but I can't let you do that. Tyrogue's my friend and I never abandon my friends" he stated clearly, showing Kenta his resolve at not letting him capture him. Tyrogue found it quite odd to hear a human utter such words. He assumed that all of them just wanted to enslave the Poke race into abiding by their every command.

    Kenta stared at the two and looked deep within Ryu's black eyes, in which he saw his determination to keep his words. Even though he claimed he wasn't a trainer, Kenta knew that he had the heart of one, and was satisfied with his answer.

    He let out a small smile and walked towards his grandfather who was still in recovery from his failed attempt to capture the Tyrogue.

    He bent down and started poking his grandfather to get him to wake up. "Oi geezer, come on rise and shine"

    After a while of poking, Professor Rowan had woken up and tried to grasp at what had happened while he was in dream land. Kenta filled him in on what had occurred, even his humiliating defeat at the hands of a Pokemon less than three feet.

    Afterwards, the group of scientists helped organize and fix the section of the lab that had been broken from the defeated Ariados. During this time, Professor Rowan (with his new bandage seated on top of his head) invited Kenta, Ryu, and Tyrogue to his main office to clarify the entire situation.

    Tyrogue was now sitting on top of the Professor's desk and Ryu sat down in the same chair in front of it. Kenta however, leaned himself on the door to the office, comfortable at staying a distance away from them.

    "Now since that little mess has been taken care of, I can now explain the data I had gathered from the research" Professor Rowan declared as he brought out the check board from earlier.

    Ryu gulped heavily at this moment, as if he was waiting to hear if he was going to live or not. He had finally been waiting for the opportunity to learn where he had come from and what this gauntlet was doing attached to his arm.

    "Lay it on me, Professor" he said while gripping his chair. Professor Rowan nodded in agreement.

    "Very well" he began.

    "From my research, the only thing I can conclude completely is that you have some sort of limited amnesia" he explained.

    Ryu was confused at what he meant by this term.

    "What does that mean?" he questioned, wanting him to elaborate further.

    "Well simply put, your brain has all of its memories, however, for some unknown reason it cannot access one hundred percent of that information" he explained to the still confused boy.

    Ryu was at a loss for words. Did he really have all of his memories inside of him? Why was his brain not allowing him to access his memories? Just when Ryu thought he had the answer for what he was looking for, a thousand more began popping up.

    "Is there anything else you can tell me Professor? What about the mysterious figure?" he asked, wanting to know more about himself.

    Professor Rowan just shook his head to signify that he had not discovered anything other than that.

    "There is not enough data to explain why you saw that in your subconscious" he reported, crushing Ryu's hopes in the process.

    Ryu's chance at finding out who he was began slipping away from him, as the key to unlocking his hidden memories still felt such a long distance away.

    Kenta, who had remained quiet most of the time, wanted another thing clarified.

    "Geezer, aren't you forgetting about the gauntlet attached to his arm?" he inquired, trying to remind his absent minded grandfather.

    "Ah, that is right I had almost forgotten", reminding himself of another conclusion he had drawn.

    "Now about your arm, it seems as if you're arm generates the same frequency waves that pokemon emit from their structures" he explained.

    Ryu, who was just as speechless as before looked at the gauntlet. He closely examined it to see any signs of communicators of such, but all he saw was a black gauntlet that had white outlines traced around it. As he was about to stop, he noticed a small circular button located near the bottom.

    Impulsive as he is, he pressed it, which revealed four small crimson red gems that reflected the sun's light off of them.

    "What are these things?" he asked as he glared at them.

    Professor Rowan approached Ryu and came in closer to take a better look at them.

    "Fascinating..." he examined as he stared at them. He hadn't the slightest idea what exactly they did, but he was sure that these orbs played a significant role in unlocking the mystery behind who Ryu was.

    Kenta all the while, was observing Ryu from the corner and tried to figure out exactly where he had seen his face before. He recognized his face from somewhere, but he just couldn't pin point exactly where.

    The more pressing matter that Kenta had a hard time grasping wasn't about where he had seen him before; it was trying to understand the secret behind the boy's gauntlet. Those orbs that he mentioned earlier were definitely something that he should keep in his mind and watch out for.

    Professor Rowan noticed that the day had gotten out of hand and he had now just remembered the real reason why Kenta had paid him a visit.

    "Kenta, I apologize for forgetting about your pokemon" he said as he left the room to go and retrieve something for him.

    Kenta sighed, knowing how clueless his grandfather was sometimes when it came to important matters, despite his reputation.

    "Hey, Kenta" Ryu quietly murmured, which alerted Kenta's attention as he turned to face him.

    "What?" he asked, wanting to know why he had called him.

    "Who are you?", dying to know the true history of this unknown teenager.

    Kenta pondered this question for quite some time, but found it more intriguing to let him keep it a secret, well at least for now that is.

    "Don't you worry about it, it doesn't concern you anyway" he said as his eye lids began to close.

    Ryu grew a vein at the top of his head at how annoying this guy could be. He had already taken an immediate disliking towards him for offering to capture Tyrogue, but with his attitude and the way he carried himself, Ryu knew that he was someone who was going to have problems with.

    Professor Rowan returned to the office and was carrying a Poke ball with a black star on the top of it. He handed it over to Kenta who took it and placed it around his belt that held two other Poke ball's around it.

    "I hope it hasn't been too much trouble to take care off" he said, feeling sympathetic towards his grandfather.

    Professor Rowan just chuckled and shook his head.

    "An over active pokemon is a sign that it is healthy and wants to be noticed by its trainer" he stated.

    Kenta then mildly smiled and gave his grandfather a quick thanks and proceeded out of the office.

    Ryu, who still wanted to know more about Kenta went after him.

    Professor Rowan turned his attention towards the small pink Pokemon, who hadn't made a single move up until this point.

    "You know, you should really thank that young man. If he hadn't brought you to us when he did, your illness would have been much worse" he explained to the small Pokemon.

    Pokemon were able to understand the human language, so Tyrogue got the message.

    Now wanting to feel ungrateful, Tyrogue jumped off from the desk and ran out of the room on it's human shaped limbs.

    "What a softie" the Professor uttered under his breath.

    As Kenta made his way towards the front door of the laboratory, he heard a voice call out to him from behind.

    "Wait!" Ryu shouted as he ran up to him.

    Kenta turned around and was actually a little surprised to see Ryu chasing after him.

    "What is it?" he asked, getting straight to the point.

    "At least tell me why you wanted to capture Tyrogue?" he replied, hoping to receive an answer.

    Kenta stared at him for a couple of seconds, and then closed his eyes.

    "That's none of your business" he stated.

    Feeling furious, Ryu tried to ask another question but was cut off short, as Kenta had raised a Pokeball towards him.

    "If you're dying to know so badly, then do it with your Pokemon" he exclaimed.

    "You mean in a battle?" Ryu inquired, as he had heard the term from Johanna.

    "That's right, I'll tell you why if you can defeat me" he offered.

    Not wanting to sound like a wimp and chicken out, Ryu stepped forward and agreed. "You're on!"

    Kenta faintly smiled. "And what Pokemon are you going to be using, Mr I'm not a trainer?" he said playfully, knowing full well that Ryu didn't have any Pokemon, so there was no way he could battle him.

    Ryu was afraid of that. Ever since waking up at Johanna's house to meeting Professor Rowan, he hadn't been able to capture or obtain any pokemon. How could he? He didn't have any of the proper equipment needed and was definitely lacking the necessary information as well.

    What was he supposed to do? Going back now on it would make him look like a sissy.

    Just as the situation seemed hopeless, Tyrogue stepped up in front of Ryu and readied its stance.

    A sensation occurred within Ryu's right arm as he grasped it with his other arm. It was resonating violently as he watched Tyrogue glare at Kenta.

    What was going on? Why was his arm suddenly reacting towards Tyrogue's presence in the room?. One of the red orbs on Ryu's gauntlet started to grow brightly which blinded everyone in it's crimson light.

    Kenta brought up his elbow to protect himself from the luminous light that had enveloped the room.

    "What's going on? Where is this light coming from?" he wondered

    The light began to dissipate, and soon the room was back to it's normal state. Ryu, looked downwards at his gauntlet and noticed that the crimson red orb that was shining brightly, was back to normal.

    Tyrogue grinned towards Kenta which caused him to become a little startled. Why was he smiling towards him?

    "Rogue! (Let me fight human!) the pokemon announced as it was heated for combat.

    Ryu stopped thinking immediately and tried to contemplate what he had just heard. Did he just hear incorrectly or did he just understand what Tyrogue had just said?

    A/N:Dayum! Ryu learning about his past a bit and discovering how his arm is somehow related to pokemon and now Tyrogue can talk? Let us proceed

    Next Time: Chapter 5- “Ryu vs Kenta, Tyrogue’s Frustration” :
    Kenta has challenged Ryu to a 1 vs 1 battle with Tyrogue. How will the battle turn out? And will the explanation behind how Ryu is able to communicate with Tyrogue ever be explained?
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