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    IN order of favorite to least favorite:

    Oshawott - Best evolution, cute, razor shell, otter samurai. The perfect water pokemon. Though, as mentioned, dewott, is a disappointment. 9/10

    Froakie - This is still pending on the evo's, but I really like the idea of a frog starter. 8/10

    Tododile - Okay, I do like Tododile and croconaw, alot, but I am not fond of Feraligtr, I think it's the odd posture, but I don't dislike the design. 7/10

    Squirtle - I am not too fond of squirtle, and blastoise reminds me of a water bowzer, it doesn't really speak to my taste though I don't totally dislike the line. I actually really like Wartortle, oddly enough since I don't usually care about the intermediary lines. 6.5/10

    Piplup - Piplup is mediocre as well as its evolutions. It all just bores me. I am a bit confused as to why it is leading in the poll. 5/10

    Mudkip - I actually think mudkip is cute, and wanted to pick him, at first. Swampert is one of the absolute ugliest pokemon ever created, and by far the ugliest fully-evolved starter pokemon. 2.5/10
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