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So I'm going to be replaying my Pokemon Platinum, as it was the game I enjoyed the most in my downtime. Now this isn't for competetive wifi battling, or any of that nonsensical stuff. Just simply beating the Platinum game. Currently Im at the first Gym so I'm not quite capable of giving you their stats and movesets just yet, but here's what Im planning.

1. Infernape
2. Lucario
3. Gyrados (Yeah I'm hefting that Magikarp's ass all over the place)
4. Luxray
5. Mamoswine
6. Drifblim
Thinking of Garchomp instead of Mamoswine, but then I give up my Ice stuff so Idk. PLEEEASE HELP.

Help? Also Im a new user, so sorry if this is in the wrong place (although it would seem it is).