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    I was reflecting on this issue and I realized that traditional art has an advantage over digital art. I was reminded of my AP art class in high school. There was a student, "Person A," who had a really good eye for design and was very adept at using digital art programs. However, he could not create traditional art, and therefore, included only digital art in his portfolio. But because he was such a great designer, everybody expected him to get the highest portfolio score: a 5. Meanwhile, another student, "Person B" included a variety of both traditional and digital art in her portfolio. Her teacher expected her to get no higher than a 4. In the end, Person B received a 5 and Person A received a 3. Why?

    I think the reason is because an artist does not take any RISKS when they create digital art. You can very easily "undo" an action and erase mistakes when you make something on the computer. With traditional art, however, you run the risk of smudging, bleeding or tearing up your artwork. It's harder to correct your mistakes when you draw with pencils, pens, markers etc. Therefore, when the outcome of traditionally made art looks good, it means the artist has overcome many obstacles in order to achieve that goal. With digital art, however, there are little to no obstacles to overcome.
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