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    You know what this calls for. New charrie time.


    Real Life Name: Dan Bentley

    In-game name: Shadow

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Country: USA

    Status: Average player

    Appearance: Dan is a tall teenager, measuring in at 6'3", and despite his height, is reasonably slender. He is well toned when it comes to muscle, though is not extremely muscular. His skin tone is a light tan, though it has a sort of reddish tinge to it. When it comes to his blonde hair, Dan keeps it around 3 inches, and doesn't really have that much of a style to it. He merely brushes it to the side and behind his ears, usually opting to do so with his hands instead of an actual brush. In game, Dan tends to favor a more levelheaded approach, bringing his hair up in a small ponytail in the back. He often wears a leather jerkin in towns, though often equips a mail shirt for outings into the field or into dungeons.

    Weapon-wise, Dan mainly uses a wide hand-and-a-half sword, which he is proficient with. Sometimes, however, when speed is essential, he will switch to a much lighter battle rapier.

    Personality: A majority of the time, Dan has a smile on his face, revealing his usually jolly nature. Though he can be seen telling jokes and whatnot around friends, he is actually quite reserved and quiet most of the time. He is by no means shy, though, and will gladly start up conversation. He is calm and calculating in battle, and tries to never rush head in to situations, instead planning out the best strategy. This does not always serve him well, however, so he occasionally just goes with the flow, attacking however he thinks will do best.

    Around friends, Dan is a joker, and loves to make people laugh. He is one of the most loyal friends one can find, and will do almost anything to help a friend. He doesn't care what others think of him, so he sometimes does some pretty stupid things to get people to laugh, which usually works.

    Sadness is the bane of Dan's existence. He hates to see others sad, and positively abhors being sad himself. He is a sensitive kid, but tries to hide that as much as possible. Being forced into this world has really matured him, much more so than most kids his age, which surprises many of the adults when he acts like one of them. However, he still has those days where he acts like a kid, as everyone does.

    History: A video gamer from a young age, Dan was almost always a part of the virtual world in some way of another. His parents weren't exactly proud of this, though despite attempts to break the habit, Dan continued to play. He enjoyed MMO's the most, as they gave a freedom to interact with other people, not just computer programmed NPC's. Once the NerveGear came out, with a VRMMORPG planned to be released soon after, Dan was in line at the nearest game store, his pockets full of all of the money he had earned thus far.

    Thankfully, he was successful in gaining a copy of SAO, and was jacked in as soon as he got home, trying to get started as soon as possible.

    Once he entered the world of Sword Art Online, Dan was breathtaken. Never before had he seen such a realistic virtual world, and was completely amazed at the NerveGear's ability to pick up his actions. He was off having fun and leveling in minutes, not realizing what was to happen later that day...

    Dan's introduction to Kayaba was short, but it was more than enough to spark a deep hatred. When he was changed back to his original appearance and told that he would die in the real world, Dan maintained calm, and knew from that point forward, he was no longer in just some game.

    Now that a month has past, Dan finds himself in a position that he did not see coming. PK'ers populate the fields, making it even more treacherous to travel. He tries his hardest to help the efforts to find the boss room, though large parties are not really good for him.


    -Battle Healing

    -One-handed straight sword

    Sword arts:
    -Demon Eye: This furious attack takes on a red tinge, and is usually executed with a long, sweeping slash at the opponent's midriff. In order to activate this attack, Dan holds his blade out to the side while sprinting at the target. Dan mainly uses this attack as a last resort, or when one of his friends is in grave danger, as it leaves him practically undefended.

    -Phase blade: During this attack, Dan's blade will glow blue, and seemingly phase through opponent's defenses, ensuring a hit. However, this only seems to work if the opponent's defense is higher than his attack, and it is too taxing to use it more than once in any one battle without leaving him open to counterattack. This attack can be activated during any sword swing, though Dan mainly uses it when his blade is locked against the opponent's weapon.

    Level: 13

    Code: LINK START!!
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