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Yeah - it's in the wrong place. There's a separate forum for in-game team help. It's okay though - a helpful and friendly mod will move it to where it should be. Just be aware of that next time.

For your team - the only thing I'd question is Lucario in addition to Infernape, since (aside from Infernape's Fire STAB), they play much the same. There aren't any really notable gaps in your coverage though, so I can't think of anything else that needs to be in place of one of those. You might add a Psychic or a Grass to help out a bit, but between the rest of what you have, you can pretty much cover anything they'd hit anyway - Poisons with Mamoswine and Fighters with Drifblim, and Grounds and Rocks with Gyarados and Waters with Luxray. Maybe a Dark, to better handle Ghosts and Psychics?

Other than that though, it seems fine. And personally, I'd stick with Mamoswine, partly for the Ice moves and partly just because Garchomp is a bit too uber for my tastes.