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    [ Hepualaha'ole Ka'ai ]

    Name: Hepualaha'ole Ka'ai

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Hepualaha’ole is generally friendly. She’s energetic and bright and has an insatiable curiosity. Her curiosity is so fierce it sometimes takes her over, if something really grabs her she won’t rest until she’s gotten answers. Other times the curiosity prompts her to become a bit rude in the eyes of other people, asking questions where they might not be proper. Hepuala is already a bit blind to other people’s feelings, but when her curiosity kicks in she sees little else than the answers she wants.

    With her curiosity also comes a bit of recklessness. She doesn’t have the best preservation instinct and often get herself in trouble when something odd grabs her attention. She’s stubborn and can act like a dog with a bone, not letting go until she’s gotten what she came for.

    Hepuala also has a very well-functioning bs-radar. She’s clever with a good amount of common sense. Despite her energetic nature she’s not a loud person, in fact she’ll prefer to stay in the background. Spotlights aren’t for her and she often get a little shy when she gets too much attention. She has high mental walls, she generally gets along well with strangers until they try to get too close, after which she turns awkward and retreats.

    History: Hepualaha’ole and her family originally came from a tropical island near Hoenn with a rich history. She grew up there with her two dads and lived there for most of her life. She loved the island life and the culture, and she was never very far from the sea. One of her dads Hiwahiwa Ka’ai, was a surfing instructor and taught her all she knew. Hepuala loved surfing and spent most of her free time on the waves. She spent the rest reading about history and ancient cultures both near and far.

    Hepuala’s childhood dream was to become an archaeologist, spurred on by sensational films and later by the intrigue of history itself. She was one of the rare people whose childhood dream actually transferred into an actual goal for the future. Hepuala decided early on that archaeology was the thing for her.

    When she was 13 her dads decided to move away from the island, and Hepuala hated it. Her other dad, Noa, was a nurse and he was offered a job in the Jubilife hospital. It paid a lot better than his job on the island, and they could use the money. They decided to settle in Twinleaf as they figured it would be easier for Hepualaha’ole to settle in a small town. It would only be temporary, they said, only for a two years at most. Four years later they were still living there. Hepuala hated it. First of all, it was cold. There was no sea to surf on, only a meek bit of water without even a beach. And a town as small as Twinleaf doesn’t always welcome strangers so easily, especially strangers who looked and acted so differently from them. And teenagers can be horrible people. At school she was mostly known as the weird girl with the long name and two dads, it wasn’t easy for her.

    When she graduated she had only one thing in mind, to get into the best university in Hoenn and study archaeology. There were two problems though. The first was money. Top universities didn’t come cheap. The second was actually getting in. She had very good grades, but getting into top universities was a competitive thing. When Professor Fir declared he needed trainers to help him with his research, Hepualaha’ole saw an opportunity. Good Pokémon trainers earned good money, and if she completed a great essay for Professor Fir he might give her a recommendation for the university. Such a recommendation from a professor in the field had to give her the opportunity to attend. And so, while becoming a trainer had never been her intent, she found herself reading up on it and applying for it. Just for a year. Just for a little while. Just until she had the money and the recommendation. And then her life would truly begin.

    Miscellaneous Info:

    - Hapualaha’ole likes to put a flowers in her hair, as a bit of a homage to her name, which means rare flower.

    - Hepuala has two tattoos, one band around her right arm and twin lines on the outside of her legs, of the same pattern. She got the arm one first, as a homage to her culture. After finding out that it was actually a myth that the ancient islanders had such patterns around their arms, and they were instead found on their legs, she got the ones on her legs as a true homage right before she left the island.

    - She made her necklace herself, with Sharpedo teeth that often washed up ashore along with small bits of seashells. She’s very proud and fond of it, especially after they left the island. It now serves as a reminder of where she’s from.



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