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    Originally Posted by SuperEspeon View Post
    Yeah but, I think Infernape can only learn FirePunch through eggmoves, which Im not really willing to fiddle with. So in otherwords, Im weak to those goddamn tanking Snorlaxes you encounter much to often in the game. And any other normal types. Well, not really weak to them, but itd be pretty annoying to encounter them a lot.
    No - the reason that I said that Infernape and Lucario play much the same is that they're both (dual) Fighting types, so specifically they're both strong against Normals (and Rocks and Steels and Darks). So you've got two of the same type, which is generally unnecessary at best. And the thing that's significant about Infernape's Fire typing is just that it's offensively useful, as opposed to Lucario's Steel typing, which doesn't accomplish anything offensively, since the only things that Steel hits supereffectively are Rock and Ice, and Fighting already covers them. And yeah - Fire Punch is an egg move for Infernape, but it learns Ember, Flame Wheel, Fire Spin and Flare Blitz naturally, so it has no shortage of Fire moves.

    EDIT: Just realized I have Gyrados who I think has some fighting moves that should work.
    Um... no. The only Fighting move that Gyarados can learn is Rock Smash, which is only base 40, so it barely counts. And again, you already have at least one, and in your original team TWO Fighters. That was my whole point in the beginning - you don't need two. You REALLY don't need Gyarados to also carry a Fighting move (and especially one as weak as Rock Smash).

    So maybe like a Gengar or something in exchange for the Lucario? Or Alakazam/Espeon/Umbreon? I cant really think of anything else.
    I'd shy away from Gengar, just because you've already got one Ghost in Drifblim, and if anything, you're weak against Ghost types as it is. Or if you do want a Gengar, I'd swap Drifblim for a different Flyer - either a Crobat or a Staraptor. Out of the three, I'd lean toward Umbreon, since you could use the Dark coverage and it'd be nice to have something tanky. Or you could maybe go with a Drapion (takes a long time to get one to evolve though) or a Skuntank - not quite as bulky as Umbreon, but better offensively.

    Or for that matter, you could just stick with Lucario and give it Dark Pulse. With two Fighting types, you'll have even less to worry about with Normals. I just try to avoid doubling up on types myself - it's too easy to end up short on coverage and with too many overlapping weaknesses.