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    Originally Posted by Viva Spirit View Post
    Thank you for the answer, I was concerned because, I know your hack has been featured on other sites, similar to this, and know that they actually use your old site's link. The reason I know this is because when I tried your new site after running into the problem with your old site, I tried downloading U.V. from your new sire and ended up with a 404 not found page. And proceeded to google your hack and found a bunch of sites leading to your old ulteaviolet .com site. And I've been tweaking out because I really want to play your hack Dx and finally found a way to possibly patch it on my phone.
    simple typo....

    when you click on the download link and it gives you the 404 error... just follow the link till you see viole ... then add the T... making it violet... itll work... im working on fixing it now...

    site has been fixed now you can update whatever site its posted on...