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    I think political correctness is ridiculous.. Especially because it actually marginalizes minorities by assuming that they want to be thought of as completely different instead of wanting to be treated like everyone else.

    And opposing construction of a mosque...wouldn't it be easier for Muslims to have a mosque in their own town than to drive several towns away to go to one? If anything, I support the construction of more mosques. If people are so concerned with them replacing churches, then why don't they actually go once in a while? (Needless to say, not all Muslims attend services regularly - people seem to forget that non-practicing Muslims do exist - but they should have mosques for the ones who are religious.)

    Political correctness can affect kids' media too. Seriously, kids are not going to care if there's no important minority characters on a show. Many Disney movies, such as Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, feature all-white casts, but minority kids still watch them. You don't need to stick a black character in a place where it would be implausible (i.e. medieval Europe. Ironically, it would be plausible in the medieval Muslim world, as black slaves were numerous in countries like Egypt and Morocco. Crusaders might have even seen some when visiting the Middle East).

    Politically correct history is bad too. Mel Gibson's The Patriot ignored the mistreatment of black slaves. It is true that some white masters treated their slaves decently (why else would so many former slaves take their masters' surnames?), but for every reasonable master, there was another that was cruel and horrible. Also present is whitewashing American historical figures who clearly did unsavory things, like Thomas Jefferson. Not only did he own slaves, but fathered several children with one - and she was only 17 or 18 at the start of their relationship while he was in his late forties. (What's especially ironic is that Mel Gibson ISN'T politically correct for the most part. His anti-English and anti-Semitic attitudes are pretty blatant.)

    I find the term "Caucasian" to refer to white people laughable. I am not Chechen or Georgian or any other ethnic group from the Caucasus. Plus people there do not look stereotypically white - they are usually olive-skinned with thick, dark hair. In fact, Russians refer to them as "black" because their dark-colored hair contrasts with the light-colored hair of the Russians who live in places like Moscow and St. Petersburg. (Though I am indeed olive-skinned and dark-haired. But I'm mostly Italian.)
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