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    Originally Posted by Antemortem View Post
    I'm just going to ask you why you feel the need to know why x member was banned in the first place? Not to sound rude whatsoever, of course; I myself used to share the same curiosities when I found that someone I'd seen around (or not) had been banned, but it never occurred to me that it was my business to know why they were banned. If they were banned, they likely broke a rule, or multitudes of rules and garnered a handful of infractions, and deserved it.

    Outside of that, what else should you have to know?
    Transparency and accountability, as I mentioned. So everyone can see the staff are conducting themselves properly.
    Also, 'likely' broke a rule? If things which aren't rule/ToS-breaking are bannable, that's what concerns me.

    Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
    We include a ban reason for the member in question and the staff to view whenever we ban someone. A thread is automatically made for it in the staff forum too, so if someone feels a ban was handed out incorrectly, another staff member may comment on that. Really, it's not anyone else's business why someone's banned. Staff transparency and whatnot is cool but bans are things which don't impact anyone but the people directly involved, and so they're kept within those people only.
    I see. Is that just H-staff or all staff? If it's the former, I couldn't honestly say I've ever had confidence that the group is really large and loose-knit enough to be very objective... just my opinion, of course.
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