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Originally Posted by François View Post
Me either, it's just not for me. I've always tried not to have it because you know, not old enough to (not that age really means anything as regards alcohol in Ireland), and now it's got to the point where even when I can legally drink, I just don't want to. There are plenty of drinks I like the taste of already and what's the only other thing alcohol has got going for it, being a bit more "loose"? I don't see the need for it, but perhaps I'm just not one for letting my hair down.
An Irishman that doesn't drink, am I imagining this? Did someone spike my drink or something?

... No they didn't, this is real, I don't drink either! I am underage, like you, but to me it's more a matter of alcohol is a drug that disorients you and slows down brain and motor function, why would I want to that? It increases the chance of injury if you're out drinking out, gives you a hangover and tastes horrible. No way do I want to impair myself like that, even after i'm 18. This world is difficult and alertness and keeping a clear head are valuable abilities.

Over here there's a huge culture of underage drinking, a decent portion of young people from ages 13-25 being absolutely wasted once a week. Getting up to naughty stuff at parties, beating each others heads in and passing out in some strangers house. This is not everyone but it happens widely and gives us a bad reputation. If you're 18+ fine but I've got nothing but disdain for kids I know that drink irresponsibly.

So I think I'll just stick to water, orange juice and the occasional glass of milk
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