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Originally Posted by Trainer_Altair View Post
From 13 years old? o.O' ... Never knew it's such a big thing here in Sydney... tsk tsk tsk.

I myself don't drink for health and religious reasons, however nearly all my family and relatives drink. My brothers are especially fond of their 'Johnny Walker labels' I always see a lot of unopened bottles in their room.
Oh yeah, I remember some cops saying a regular part of their job is to call the parents of the 13 year old girls out in the city late at night who are so drunk they can barely walk, and the parents don't care to pick them up but would rather them be sent home on the train... And violence among people coming out of nightclubs and such early in the morning absolutely smashed and hitting each other for no reason, that's getting a lot of media attention recently after a 17 year old boy died form being king hit like that... Great party life folks, 10/10 would recommend!
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