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    Fifth update, and it's not a particularly big one. I did just earn my eighth badge though, so that's something.
    • Team Plasma's ice cannon! And Opelucid (and the surrounding areas) are now frozen over. We quickly clear the grunts, and then I challenge Zinzolin. Cryogonal is fast and powerful, but very physically flimsy. Also, it didn't get freeze hax (which I think happened last time). Then, the Shadow Triad member with the Absol. That Absol got off a Swords Dance, so I think it decimated two of my team. I brought out someone quicker than it to dispose of it--I'm thinking Archen?
    • Now that we have seven badges, I have access to the Seaside Cave (stupid Blackbelt Rocky blocking the way). I take this route to Humilau rather than the Marine Tube because of the items, experience, and... party member #6! We made our way into the depths of the cave, using the doctor at the exit to replenish our energy as needed. After quiiiite a bit of searching, a shuckle appeared! This is it! A single Quick Ball, and the team is complete! ^-^ Looks like Mienfoo is the only female... :/
    • I finally reach Humilau, find Marlon, and clear all routes around it for experience. Also, Shuckle needs some training. Exhausting these trainers, we head into the gym.
    • Humilau gym, full of Ace Trainers with unique water-types. Half of my team is weak to water, so that doesn't look good. At least my trump card is at an advantage here. Still, Shuckle does fine in this gym. Marlon wasn't a difficult battle, actually. I used only Shuckle and Shaymin against him. First was his Carracosta. I wasn't sure if it had Sturdy or Solid Rock, so I started off with Shuckle firing off a Toxic to break the potential Sturdy after surviving a Scald. Then I switched to Shaymin (who was immediately burned with Scald), who finished the job with Energy Ball.

      Wailord was next and met with a Leech Seed as it used Amnesia. I switched to Shuckle to give him the experience, to take advantage of Leech Seed, and to heal the Burn through Natural Cure; then that Wailord did the unthinkable: it propelled itself into the air with a massive Bounce. Hahaha! XD It came down on Shuckle and did like 10ish damage and paralyzed it. Rocky Helmet took its toll, as well as paralysis. Another Bounce, and its descent was met with a Toxic. He used a Hyper Potion, but it wasn't enough, as it gradually wore away.

      His last was Jellicent. An immediate exchange of Scald and Toxic, then a switch to Shaymin, who seeded it. I'm not sure what attack it was using, but Energy Ball got disabled by Cursed Body after its first use. So, I had to rely on Psychic (special defense lowered once!) and the residual damage to combat his Recover spamming. Eventually, the combined effects overcame Recover, and we won my the Wave Badge! ^-^ That's eight!

    The team so far:

    CharacteristicQuick to fleeStrongly defiantMischievousHates to loseVery finickyCapable of taking hits
    AbilityBlazeDefeatistTorrentNatural CureInner FocusSturdy
    ItemEvioliteNoneRocky HelmetLeftoversShell BellRocky Helmet
    MovesFlame ChargeAcrobaticsSurfEnergy BallDrain PunchToxic
    Head SmashAncientPowerBiteLeech SeedPaybackPower Split
    StrengthDragon ClawIron DefenseReturnRock SlideStruggle Bug
    Flare BlitzCrunchDigPsychicU-turnStone Edge

    Completed Solo Runs
    Treecko: FR (3 KOs) | HG (29 KOs)
    Buizel: Pt (5 KOs)