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    I posted this on fb, after the verdict

    I'm not gonna lie i think justice has been served.. cause the evidence matched his story to the letter. Don't get me wrong he did profile trayvon, he stalked him, and instigated the situation and I feel bad trayvon was murdered, but I don't like how they are trying to paint the kid to be a saint, when no one anymore is a saint, plus reports said he was high at the time. Another thing that bothers me is if zimmerman had gotten killed trayvon woulda been called a hero and said he did it outta self defense it wouldn't have made national headlines and all that other crap.. the only reason its a big deal is cause the color of their skin, cause had this been a black on black crime or white on white no one would really have given a crap.. like seriously. people may disagree with my opinion here but its a free country and im allowed to such just like zimmerman is allowed to be a racist douche..

    This is my objective opinion based on the evidence presented and the stories given
    I also think people should watch this Video

    EDIT: I had to edit this post after reading some of the comments in this thread,

    The thing most of you guys seem to be stuck on is he shouldn't have followed trayvon, and listened to the dispatcher.. While I agree with that point, that is NOT what he was on trial for. That is what most of you fail to realize or think about. He was on trial for the shooting. Not for disobeying what he was told, not for profiling the kid. So while I agree he was wrong to do such things, again its not what he was on trial for. Also i seen someone here say "he should not have had a gun on him" this is incorrect, if he had the proper paperwork/credentials to carry a concealed weapon its his 2nd amendment right to keep/bear arms and the use of that gun was protected by flordia's law of self defense. So that is why he wasn't arrested, it would have been a violation of his constitutional rights as an american.

    Another thing why he was found not guilty, cause the persecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt this was a planned killing or a hate crime, meaning he planed to shoot the kid from the jump which is very hard. That also goes with them having to prove without a reasonable doubt that it wasn't self defense which is also hard to do, especially when the evidence seems to support the self defense claim. The persecution was fighting an up hill battle the whole time and they didn't have sufficient evidence to win the case.

    To be honest, Zimmerman & Trayvon were both in the wrong. Neither of them should have did what they did. Someone died, someone didn't. Its the way it happened. What people seem to have been doing is bringing race into it, and making it about the color of the skin even more now that a Not Guilty verdict was reached, Some misinformed people are calling Zimmerman white/cracker, when he is however what I believe to be a Mexican(Hispanic), I may be wrong. However his race doesnt matter, it should of never had, but it did and that is why a local florida case got national attention in the first place, which is wrong. Also they are saying things like "the white man got off" and other things as such, making it about race. Which are making the ones saying that a bunch of hypocrites but as I said before and its in the video above its mentions, that when O.J got off for killing his "white" wife, no one screamed injustice or anything of the sorts. They were proud and happy, which really makes me mad. It also shows what morales people really have.

    Racism won't die because blacks(African Americans) wont let it die, they use the race card to this day to get by, or get something to go their way.. Its very unfair, and the reason racism still exist.
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