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More New Pokémon, New People, A New Type, and Other New Features - June News Round-up!

June came with a lot of exciting news! Between E3 and the release of June's edition of CoroCoro, there has been much to discuss!

Fairy - A New and Highly Speculated Type Revealed

  • Nintendo Direct confirmed one of the most speculated rumors on June 11; It was finally confirmed that the long-rumored Fairy type existed! (Discuss it here)
  • Along with this announcement, it was revealed at last that Sylveon, along with other existing Pokémon (Such as Gardevoir, Marill, and Jigglypuff) all will be Fairy typed!
  • We currently know that Fairy type moves will be super-effective against Dragon types. Other type matches up regarding the Fairy type have not officially been revealed.
  • Two Fairy typed moves have been revealed: Sylveon will learn Moonblast, which will lower the target's Special Attack, while Gardevoir will learn Fairy Wind.

New Characters and English Names!

  • Names were released for the neighbors/protagonists: The male is named Calem and the female is named Serena. It's not known for sure if these will be the official names for the protagonists themselves, but we will see!
  • The first Gym Leader was revealed to be Viola, and her gym is located in Santalune City. She is a Bug type trainer.
  • In addition to the protagonist you don't choose, there will be an additional three rivals named Tierno, Trevor and Shauna. You will encounter them along your journey!
  • Feel free to discuss all the new characters in the June CoroCoro thread found here.

New Pokémon Galore!

  • Between Pokémon Direct, E3, and this month's issue of CoroCoro, June has been overflowing with new Pokémon!
  1. Noivern, the Sound Wave Pokémon
    • Based off a combination of a wyvern, tweeter, and a fruit bat/flying fox
    • Flying/Dragon type
    • Height: 1.5m ; 4'11"
    • Weight: 85.0kg ; 187.4lbs
    • Learns the move Boomburst, which hits all Pokémon on the field, including allies
    • Revealed from Pokémon Direct and E3 (Discuss here)
  2. Scatterbug, the Scatterdust Pokémon
    • Potentially based off a Japanese cockchafer
    • Bug type
    • Height: 0.3m ; 1'00"
    • Weight: 2.5kg ; 5.5lbs
    • Evolves into Spewpa
    • Revealed in June's CoroCoro (Discuss here)
  3. Spewpa, the Scatterdust Pokémon
    • Name origin potentially a combination of spew and pupa
    • Bug type
    • Height: 0.3m ; 1'00"
    • Weight: 8.4kg ; 18.5lbs
    • Evolves from Scatterbug and evolves to Vivillon
    • Revealed in June's CoroCoro (Discuss here)
  4. Vivillon, the Scale Pokémon
    • Based off a butterfly
    • Grass type
    • Height: 1.2m ; 3'11"
    • Weight: 17.0kg ; 37.5lbs
    • It is the evolved form of Spewpa, and the final evolution of Scatterbug
    • Revealed from Pokémon Direct and E3 (Discuss here)
  5. Clauncher, the Water Gun Pokémon
    • Inspired by the snapping shrimp
    • Water type
    • Height: 0.5m ; 1'08"
    • Weight: 8.3kg ; 18.3lbs
    • Clauncher is an X-exclusive Pokémon
    • Revealed during E3 (Discuss here)
  6. Skrelp, the Mock Kelp Pokémon
    • Based off of a weedy seadragon
    • Poison/Water type
    • Height: 0.5m ; 1'08"
    • Weight: 7.3kg ; 16.1lbs
    • Skrelp is a Y-exclusive Pokémon
    • Revealed during E3 (Discuss here)
  7. Talonflame, the Scorching Pokémon
    • Based off of a weedy seadragon
    • Fire/Flying type
    • Height: 1.2m ; 3'11"
    • Weight: 24.5kg ; 54.0lbs
    • Talonflame is an evolved form of Fletchling (We are currently not sure if there is another evolution between the two of them, or if Fletchling evolves directly into Talonflame)
    • Revealed during E3 (Discuss here)
  8. Litleo, the Lion Cub Pokémon
    • Based off of a lion
    • Fire/Normal type
    • Height: 0.6m ; 2'00"
    • Weight: 13.5kg ; 29.8lbs
    • Revealed in June's CoroCoro (Discuss here)
  9. Flabébé, the Single Bloom Pokémon
    • Name potentially a combination of Japanese for flower and French for baby
    • Fairy type
    • Height: 0.1m ; 0'04"f
    • Weight: 0.1kg ; 0.2lbs
    • Revealed in June's CoroCoro (Discuss here)

Other New Features/Miscellaneous Things

  • E3 confirmed that walking diagonally was now a thing, however it still stuck with a grid format for the most part.
  • Pokémon-amie was revealed. It is a new bonding system with your Pokémon, where you can do various things to bond with them! (What do you think about it?)
  • Two new kinds of battles: Sky Battles and Hordes! Sky Battles will be for Flying type Pokémon and Levitate users to fight it out in the sky, while Hordes will be you versus a large group of Pokémon all at once. (Sky Battle discussion is here and Horde discussion is here, come participate!)
  • Apparently EVs and IVs will be easier to see in the games.
  • Importing from previous games will be included, how is not yet revealed. (How do you think transferring will take place?)

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