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    Originally Posted by JayTheKing View Post
    Nah i dont think team Flare will be the only bad guys either.Fire needs to go with something else.
    Team Frost sounds nice!What Pokemon will they be using?Sneasel/Weavel?
    Hey I remember seeing Weavile versing an Audino on the official website. Also, Houndour is Dark/Fire is Sneasel being Dark/Ice it's not a bad idea o.O I kind of thought the other team would have some Fairy-type with them, like Team Flare was Yveltal and Team "____" was Xerneas...
    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    Junichi Matsuda said the said the inspiration for Kalos is France. There is very little support for Norse idea when Matsuda revealed France as the main inspiration.

    Gamefreak has confirmed that there are more rideable pokemon than just gogoat. The strategy guide will have a small section explaining everything about riding pokemon, which ones you can ride and what ability they have to assist you on your travels.

    Dragon type eevee has no support to existance. Sylveon is the only marketed Eevee evolution. Based on all advertisements Sylveon is all we are getting.
    Actually there's a lot of support for the idea, the only problem is none of it is from GameFreak so until they say it is/isn't based on Norse mythology, nothing can be proven right or wrong.

    They've only confirmed Gogoat and Rhyhorn, but I did see the Strategy Guide have a section on riding Pokemon, so yeah hopefully we'll be able to ride lots of Pokemon! (Please let me ride Arcanine GameFreak )

    That's all true, and everyone points the other way, but I shall stay hopeful! There's the whole "Special-based' Eeveelutions, how Eeveelutions are released in pairs, how the pairs have one type weak to the other, etc. But that's just me trying to spark a fire in heavy rain I guess :/

    Does anyone know if the Sylveon movie short has been released yet? I was hoping because they never showed a "problem" in the trailer (Like how they showed Genesect destroying the city in the 16th Movie) that it was a secret antagonist, tad dah ! Dragon Eevee vs. Sylveon! ... Though if the movies already out then...damn