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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    I used to want mostly male pokémon, but nowadays I don't discriminate and just go with whatever gender the pokémon I capture happens to be.

    I always imagine my pokémon having personalities in the game, and some female pokémon that look manly can get really interesting personalities in my head xD Same for male pokémon in feminine bodies. Great examples are male Gardevoir and female Lucario.
    i imagine my pokemon have personalities also, when i was young i ALWAYS caught males. but now days i mix it up. for example, i have a male growlithe which i pretend is my companion. but i have a female kingdra. which i imagine being highly protective, i also have a nidoqueen on my party with a brave nature, [maxed attack evs] and i imagine that she would protect my character with her life.
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