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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    Yes all media covering Sylveon markets it as the only new eevee evolution this generation. It is refered to as the new. Not the newest, one of the new, or a new. The put focus on Sylveon. Corocoro didn't leave extra space and marketed it as the only new one. The movie says all evolution for eevee are in it. It stops on Sylveon.
    "Sylveon is a newly discovered Evolution of Eevee! Experienced Pokémon Trainers know that Eevee can evolve into seven different types, and now a new Eevee Evolution with a different type has been revealed!"

    A new Eevee Evolution, straight from the Official Pokemon site.

    However it does say : "This means that Eevee can now evolve into eight possible Pokémon, each with a different type!" Which is kind of sad. I will agree with you that almost everything official declines a possible new Eeveelution, but I just can't completely rule out the possibility until X and Y come out.

    But with the whole Special Type being false because Fairy isn't Specially based, well one it wasn't a type so we can't say if it would've broke the chain or not. And two, Leafeon and Glaceon were introduced after the Physical and Special Split ended, still remaining true to the 'pattern'. We have no way of knowing what Fairy would have been, so even though I don't think we'll get a new Eevee, I still believe that all Eevee's are 'special type based', but there really is no way of finding out.

    Is there a Japanese myth that links these two together though? I know the Norse myth doesn't exactly 'link' these two together but they both live on the tree of life, and one Pokemon is called the Life Pokemon, while the other the Destruction Pokemon. It just seems so fitting.

    Okay I'm so done with these myths and stuff, I don't care where they're from anymore, I just want to play X and Y. Now.