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On my first playthrough of Black, in my Gym Battle against Elesa I ended up pulling off a very unusual but clever strategy no-one else would have even thought of.

I was initially training myself a Sandile for the fight but I brought in my Zebstrika as a backup but accidentally had Zebstrika, who was female, with Motor Drive and her moveset was Attract, Flame Charge, Shock Wave and one attack I can't remember, in the first slot of my party.

In fact, I ended up sweeping Elesa's entire team with just my Zebstrika but I did do a fun strategy with it. Against the two Emolgas I spammed Shock Wave against them so I could bypass Double Team and also they weren't able to Volt Switch me because surprise my Zebstrika is immune to Electric due to her ability. What did I do when Elesa's Zebstrika came out? I used Attract on it so it wouldn't be able to attack most of the time and then because I couldn't use Electric attacks I spammed Flame Charge against it and eventually defeated it quickly.

Yeah, did not even need any of my other Pokemon in the fight.
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