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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    Xerneas being the Life pokemon puts it closer to the japanese myth of the guardian that protects the forest and Yveltal being the destruction Pokemon puts it closer to being a Yatagarasu which is a symbol of death and destruction. The unnamed eagle in norse myth plays no major role as far as destruction is concerned, and none of the four deer that live on yggdrasil symbolize life. There really isn't any concrete defense for the norse idea.

    As for eevee, they are not always released in pairs, the very first release was a set of three. Being done twice after that has no standing as a truth. Special typing was already confirmed a false when Sylveon was released as Fairy Type. All marketing for Sylveon says she is the only new evolution. As for the Sylveon short, it airs right begore the Genesect movie. So yes its out. No one has made any comments about it but it plays right before the genesect movie in theaters.
    Actually Yatagarasu symbolizes rejuvenation, as it's said to clean up after a great battle, that's not death...interestingly it's often associated with the sun, and in some myths I've read it's the guardian of Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess. Sun usually represents life or revival in a vast numbers of cultures, the Japanese included.
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