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Welcome to the club guys! The OP has been updated with you and your partners!

ClosterOyster cool pick as a partner being the only pure Flying typed Pokemon certainly makes it unique and Ho-oh is one of the best looking Flying types out there because its just simply beautiful. I also agree haha it's hard to hate any flying type as they are all pretty awesome!

-ashan- Nice partner and Staraptor is certainly one of my favorite Flying types as well because it is so powerful and really looks badass compared to most other Flying types. Kinda surprised Gliscor can be anyone's least favorite, but I guess that is because I love it so much haha, but I guess it isn't the best looking one out there at least XD.

Guess I'll do an official sign up:

Username(nickname if you wish): jellicentfan1(jelli)
Partner Pokemon: Yanmega
Partner's Nickname(optional): Buzz
Favorite Flying typed Pokemon and why: Yanmega for me! I have always been a HUGE fan of Yanma, but I always felt it could use an evo because it had so much potential and then in gen4 they gave it just that! Certainly what was needed. Yanmega is both beautiful and powerful and I always find myself using it when battling competitive.
Least Favorite Flying typed Pokemon and why: Really tough choice here, but I will say Ledyba. It is certainly a very cute Pokemon, but incredibly useless in battle and really just cant fit on any team. It just doesn't have any appeal really outside of being kind of adorable!
Answer to one of the current topics:
I am most looking forward to taking my Altaria into a Sky Battle as it looks like a cloud and seeing it fly high in the sky will just be beautiful <3.