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A Kanto Journey Story
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OOC thread - IC thread

Young Masaki "Bill" Sonezaki is famous throughout the region of Kanto as the nerdy inventor with the big smile who has an interest in nearly every one of the fields that the most famous professors do, and apparently he is close friends with professor Oak. Lately, he has ceased inventing new technical things and has instead become interested in the origins and history of pokémon. For a year now, he has been living in Pewter City, borrowing space in the lab connected to the museum to study the pokémon myths of Kanto. Or rather, the lack of myths. He has decided that he want to travel the region and investigate key locations firsthand, to try and find out why Kanto seems so shallow on this front compared to most other regions. But there is a problem...

Bill has never been a professional pokémon trainer himself, and over the past few months shady people have turned up around Kanto, attacking professional trainers or famous people and attempting to kidnap their pokémon. Some have already disappeared. Since Bill is so famous, his researcher friends in Pewter refuses to let him travel Kanto alone, even though he hasn't got more than one pokémon himself. Instead, they offer to hire some professional trainers to escort him. Bill dislikes the hardcore, serious trainers that the other researchers suggest, so he gets another idea.

He approaches some of the local kids and teenagers of Pewter City and asks them to travel with him. If they don't already have a pokémon, Bill will help them pass the license exam and send for a pokémon from professor Oak's lab in Pallet Town, so that they can become trainers and defend Bill on his journey. Or at the very least, make it seem like they are proper trainers and make the group less susceptible for attacks. You are one of these new trainers who agree to join Bill.

This pokémon world has some animals in it. People don't eat pokémon, except for in some cultures where they are considered delicacies. People eat animals, just as we do. Tiny bugs exist, as well as fish. And cows and pigs and such, since people do eat them. However, animals that other pokémon are based on aren't common at all. For example, there aren't really many dogs or cats, or squirrels or spiders or birds. Various species of pokémon occupy that place in the ecosystem instead. There are of course some kinds of birds and animals in the forest, but it's more likely you'll encounter pokémon than animals as pokémon aren't quite as shy as animals are. Also, people don't keep animals as pets, they keep pokémon.

Regarding pokémon training, this world is like the Electric Tale of Pikachu manga. To be able to legally own a pokémon, you have to get a trainer's license. To get one, you have to attend a full day course and then the next morning take an exam. If you pass, a license is yours. A license is thus required to even get to have a pokémon pet. Otherwise, police might come and confiscate your pokémon.

Professional pokémon training is like any other sport, only much more popular. Not everyone manages to become a pro, meaning that they can earn enough money to live off it. Mostly it happens this way - kids who are at least the age of 13 get their license. They are then allowed to take a leave from school for three months. Yes, kids actually go to school. If they manage to beat two official pokémon gym leaders in that time, their leave from school can be extended indefinitely. Those who don't manage that will probably not have a chance to become pros until they have finished school in their upper teenage years.

Whenever two trainers agree to battle officially, no matter if it's in an arena or out on a route, the two trainers present an equal amount of money and the winner takes it all. That's how someone can earn enough for a living, if they are good enough.

If someone defeats 8 gym leaders, they are considered pokémon masters. Only masters are allowed to enter the most prestigious tournament of all - the pokémon League competition atop the Indigo Plateau.

The kidnappers are part of a criminal syndicate that will be revealed soon enough. Their motives are grim and mysterious but it does seem like they are intent on getting to Bill, so the trainers accompanying him will probably have their hands full...

Lots of Pewter City kids wanted to take the chance to travel the region with a famous researcher. Bill wanted an interesting and diverse group of companions though, and chose those he thought would be best together and together with him. More specifically, he chose one person from each of the five fitting keyword categories below.






We will travel together through the routes and I will play as Bill. For every area we reach, there will be stuff to do and in some areas there will be enemies or events that you need to tackle. You won't be writing chapters on your own; this is a RP where we interact. Fun times!

The rating is T. No need to put it higher, I think.

There will be LEVELS and I will let you know when a pokémon grows, learns new moves and is able to evolve. I do not judge single posts to determine this; whenever I think a pokémon has accumulated enough experience through one or more, long or short posts, I will give them levels.

I will list what wild pokémon are available in each new area. If you want to capture one - go ahead! If there are special circumstances around certain pokémon, I will state so in a post.

Don't godmod. Make your character somewhat realistic within the frames of your chosen keyword; they won't be super smart and have things under control in all situations because honestly, do you know any real kid who does?

You should be able to post at the very least once every 7 days, for the RP to keep running smoothly. If you don't think that you can keep up, please don't bother signing up! If new players join in later on, they will start as trainers who meet up with the gang and joins them along the way.

Keyword: (choose what keyword your character is based around)
Age: (13-17. You'll get a special leave from school through Bill's authority, in case you weren't in the middle of your three month leave already)

Body: (body build, hairstyle, eye color, skin tone etc.)

Clothing: (what will they be wearing on the journey? Any accessories besides the traveling bag with necessities?)

Personality: (sum up what they are generally like, how they act around others, their strengths and weaknesses. Make it fit their keyword)

Interests: (state shortly - or elaborate on! - their interests or hobbies, if they have some besides pokémon)

History: (can be pretty brief, but state how they grew up and how they came to be who they are today. Remember - people can apply for a license when they turn 13. But they might also wait. Also remember - even if a teenager gets their license, they don't have to take their school leave immediately. Or at all. With this, puzzle together a history for your character ^^)

Pokémon license? (yes or no. Yes means that you have a license and one pokémon already. You might even be in the middle of your three month school leave. No means that at the start of the RP, you will just have passed your exam which Bill arranged for you, and Oak has just given you a pokémon. So yes means that you know pokémon, no means you're a noob :D)

Pokémon species: (if you answered yes above, choose a basic or baby pokémon that is NOT a starter from the games. If you answered no, choose one of the starter pokémon from the games to receive from Oak, such as Chikorita, Chimchar, Snivy etc. If you are accepted into the RP, I will give you a starting moveset)


> Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers as Masaki "Bill" Sonezaki with Bulbasaur

> Cosmic Fury as Adrian Draegar with SMART and Larvesta

> LGDArm as Suzanne Hart with ENERGETIC and Riolu

> Cirrus as Han Lingwei with BRAVE and Mienfoo

> chuckleslucifer as Leeroy Blufinn with FUNNY and Houndour

> Scyke as Oscar Tipo with KIND and Treecko


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