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    Favorite Flying typed Pokemon and why:

    Well it's hard to pick a favourite as i used to play an online pokemon simulator, and i was one of the Flying Type Gym Leaders on a server, and I would have to say Gyarados, just for the reason of how good and reliable it is in competitive in OU battling

    Least Favorite Flying typed Pokemon and why:

    My least favourite pokemon is Tropius because i just dont have a particular interest in the pokemon, i wouldnt really class Tropius as being a flying type, as it's wings arent very big, and some pokemon that arent flying types have bigger wings than Tropius. It just doesn't really physically appeal to me.

    Answer to one of the current topics:

    What Flying type Pokemon are you most excited about taking into Sky-Battles in the upcoming X&Y versions?

    I really want to use that new TalonFlame as it's design has really made an Aesthetic Appeal to my likes, and it will definetely be one of the first pokemon ill be using in X/Y

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