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    Name: Owen
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A fairly seasoned traveller standing around six foot one and a quarter inch or so. Medium length brown hair was tied back into a short tail. His sulpted, but also reasonably weathered face that had a tan from being out and about for years on end. Under his rugged cloths he was bilt for cross crountry journey.

    He wears RX travel boots with barely a rustle of leaves under his soft foot steps.. Baggy brown cargo pants with a good many pockets for goodies and goobles. A blue hoodie-T covered his upper body but revealed his well toned arms when he wasn't wearing his grey Avalanch Cold Weather Jacket, the most expensive thing he owned, where as his Orren Scarf was likely his most prized possesion. When the scarf wasn't rolled up it showed a map of the Johto and Kanto regions. His Durastel bag, a light weight durabal bag held everything that he needed.

    Personality: Owen is a rather quiet person, normally he doesn't go into towns and villages unless he really needs to or when he is hired by a professor to deliver goods to other regions. Often he stops and trades for goods with passing trainers or whoever he runs across. Sometimes he has to go into a built up area due to weather.

    When he is out in the wild, where he has made a home for himself he is a bit more open, feeling at ease there. He has built his survival skills, while his social skills have gotten rather lacking. Rather awkward around people and particullary groups. He is loyal though, and if he owes you he will make sure he pays his debt.

    History: Owen grew up as an orphan in Snowpoint, and when he was growing up on the streets he learned that the world was a dangerous place. When he was seven he was cooking beans in an ally when Orren scarf blew nearby and got slightly shinged in his fire, he pulled it out and looked at it and found that it was a map, that was when he rose from the snow and set off on his journey.

    Five years ago, during the time when war seemed at hand he had been at Mount Silver conducting research for professor Oak, that was when he was requested back to the region to help with rebuilding efforts. When he got there he worked to make sure that those who lived on farms and in the more rural areas were okay.

    Now returning from his travels in the Orre region, he lives on the road, just now reaching twinleaf for the request that was asked of him. Finding out the whole story of the Shinno Mythological Mystery is something that he thinks will be an interesting adventure. He hopes that one day, he will find a home amongst the regions but not yet.

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