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With me I usually have a vague idea for a story or something I want to write about, and that usually comes with a title. I know it's backwards, but I don't think it's a problem as long as you proceed to forget about the title and acknowledge that it might change after the fact. :P

I think these two are the only titles I decided on after I really knew what the story was about:

A Matter of Stubbornness - This was for a Small Writing Competition, so less brainstorming and more writing.

(This title redacted until after judging for this year's SWC is finished)

These two are my favorite titles because I picked them before I had any idea of a story and proceeded to think of a story to go with them:

Gary Stu's Unpredictable Adventure - Simple idea: skewer Pokemon fanfiction cliches.

Giovanni Destroys the World and Everything in It - Just liked the way it sounds!

Originally Posted by Astinus
I have a series of four "books" at twelve chapters long to encompass a retelling of the second season of Digimon.
I want to read this. :P For those who don't know, Asty and I are in an unofficial contest to see who can keep the other waiting for their Digimon stories longest. No victor is in sight, but if I end up winning I may be disqualified for writing too few total words--unfair advantage.

My Digimon title is Digimon Campaign, and it's the one I'm most likely to change. Since my first round of brainstorming the themes have changed a good deal. Originally it didn't have any major ideas other than kids go to the Digital World and get involved in a race war an "attribute" war.
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