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Reserve DREAMY, pwease! Will finish this ASAP: :D



Name: Caleb Harlow.
Gender: Canadian, I mean, Male.
Age: Young n' sweet, only seventeen, oh yeah!


Body: 5'7 of height with a weight of 140 lbs. This is to say he's not the tallest or the widest guy around, unless you take any sort of attention to his wide shoulders. His skin is of a light tan which, admittedly, makes him look a tiny bit the color of an orange... just a bit. While his build is not impressive in matter of how defined his muscles are it's not the worst one you'll see... unless he stands next to a professional bodybuilder, then he looks like a noodle (assuming he didn't already look like one).

His hair is the color of chestnuts, and while it has no defined form -usually growing to wherever it can unless prevented to- does seem to be somewhat thick. I mean, what would you expect from someone who isn't familiar with the term "haircut"? Yes, a wild mess of hair, indeed.

His eyes are round yet not so big as we might want them to. A pair of thin eyebrows of the same chestnut color serves as a complement for his dark-brown eyes. His overall face is round but with a well defined ending on his chin, where only a few will notice the slight amount of hair that grows here (which isn't a lot, but it can be noticed if standing close enough).

Clothing: Can't he just go around naked or something? I'm having the most trouble picking an outfit >.<
Whatever. Cal is barely familiarized with the term of style, but his way of dressing is somewhat decent nonetheless. You will see him wearing a pair of dark green denim jeans (yes, I said green), along with a black shirt of no pattern on it. It's just a shirt, really, no logos, no sleeves, simple, simple shirt.

There really isn't much more to say. I mean, you'd expect him to put on a jacket when it's cold or to change his shirt when it's really hot, right? Wrong. He won't stray away from his set of black shirt and unusually colored jeans even if his life depended on it. But if it serves of something, he does seem to change of style in the shoe department. First they're white, then they have blue stripes running by the sides. Then they're black, and then white again. Right now he's wearing a pair of white tennis shoes white some green stars of different sizes dotted all around.

Personality: Kind to the extent he's willing to help out with whatever you need -be it making a sandwich or math-, even when he most of the time has no idea what to do. Often lost in thought, as you may find him with frequency divagating and being in his own little world, where everyone is conspiring against him and he must save the universe.

Cheerful to a degree that is actually annoying. He laughs over most of things and can rarely be upset. Not even if he screwed up something or is late for a meeting of sorts. And if he does screw up -which happens a lot- you will be given a "whoops!" along with a circus of jeers.

Willing to trust anyone at any place. This goes along with him being incredibly easy to manipulate. You could tell him to do something, anything, he will most likely do, even if that action will lad to something evil. To that you can add the fact that he's clumsy and often lost in thought. Yup. He can also be absent-minded, forgetting simple things all the time. Did he left the toaster on? Did he made sure to feed his pet Zigzagoon? So on and so forth.

Everyone is his friend the moment they talk to him, so chances are YOU are already his friend. This silly guy can be very awkward most of the time, so don't be surprised if he trips while walking around some random street, just to stand up and trip in the exact same spot.

He doesn't hold grudges against anyone but can have an outburst or two of rage when provoked enough. Not that it happens a lot -if at all- but it's a thing to have in mind every now and then.

Interests: I'll be brief about this:

Writing. It is known he stuffs several small notebooks and chunks of paper with any ideas wherever he can.
Reading. Just as he stuffs stories, he enjoys to read some -be it books or his, though his own do suck a lot-.
Storytelling. He also seems to enjoy narrating stuff in his own peculiar way...
Food. Self-explanatory, really.
Cute Pokémon. Same as above
Low Profile. Socially-wise, he'd rather go by unadvertised than being noticed by others.

History: Growing as the son of humble parents was easy. For the first part, at least. They sure didn't have much, but it's not like they really needed that much. Cal's parents were known in Pewter City as a kind couple. Not the wisest or the smartest guys around, but certainly a nice folk to have around.

No complaints on the family thus far.

But this changed when he was 13 -and about to request his Trainer License-, when his mother died. Depression struck him and his father s they each handled the situation their own way. His father did working extra hours on the market he got a job at -barely seeing his son in the week- and them submitting to alcohol on the weekends.

As for Caleb, he acquired several temporal jobs, from walking around some Growlithe and the occasional Dog to delivering newspapers amongst the Pewter folk. And when he couldn't get one or was resting from his now bustling life OR hiding away from his father's alcohol-induced outbursts of rage, he wrote. Yes, he wrote stuff, whatever stuff. Short stories, Fiction, Fairytales, anything... And escapade, if you may, as he soon realized he could live the life he wanted thru his characters. Having them to travel, battle and become Pokémon masters! Or maybe facing an unknown threat from outer space? Heck! Heaven-high is the limit!

As time went by, his amount of stories -and their length- increased greatly, and his hopes began to raise as he became of age to actually work part-time in a shop in town. With a decent amount of money in his pockets, and a father who had (unwillingly) decided to leave his alcohol-adiction, his life couldn't have gone any better.

And then came some Bill guy offering him the chance of going in a journey or whatever. He had written about them, so you could say he has lived the life of a Trainer more than once. Yet still, his rehabbing father somehow managed to convince him, saying everything would be okay. Lies, and Caleb knows that better than anyone. But the chance itself represents something special... It's a chance to escape his reality, at least for a while. So with a mix of regret and joy he decided to accept, and as time went by, he received a Pokémon with which he's soon to become friends with: Mudkip.


Pokémon trainer? Nein. Them Trainers be too mainstream, yo!
Pokémon rooster:
Mudkip is relaxed and easy going, yet Cal seems to think he's lazy. In battle he's a somewhat decent battler, IF he actually wants to battle. But if you were to ask this 'mon, it'd rather take a nap instead of battling...

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