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Flying is one of my top type choices for my teams so definitely joining!

Username(nickname if you wish): Hikari10 (Hikari)
Partner Pokemon: Emolga
Favorite Flying typed Pokemon and why: I love most of the powerful ones like Archeops, Staraptor, Sigilyph and Yanmega. But also the cutesy ones like Ducklett, Woobat and Emolga. In fact I do have several fave Flying Pokemon.
Least Favorite Flying typed Pokemon and why: The three Kami Trio legends, Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus. There's something I didn't like about their designs.

Answer to one of the current topics: I think a good Flying-type I'd love to use in a Sky Battle in X & Y would be Noivern. I fell in love with its awesome wyvern/sound/fruit bad hybrid design and I've never used Dragons as main team members a lot and I bet this thing will be really cool to see in action.
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